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Dana Goldstein on how the pill may be free and what Obama needs to do to ensure this.
Religious hospitals are under investigation for potentially denying women adequate care.
The UK won’t allow an Iroquois lacrosse team compete for world championship.
A state by state breakdown of the gender pay gap.

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  • dzuunmod

    Samhita, your summary of the story about the Iroquois lacrosse team has just an extraordinary amount of spin on it.

  • Steveo

    Without controlling for profession, or other information, the data in the New York times on the gender pay gap is fairly useless. No real conclusions can be drawn. Are the differences based on sexism, or a coincidence? (I doubt its coincidence, but based on that info, you don’t know). If its based on sexism, is it from paying a woman less for the same job, women not getting promoted because of their gender, or societal barriers for women to get into the higher paying professions? (I think its a combination of all 3….but again, none of that can be drawn from this data). And if you can’t isolate the problems, you can’t come up with any solutions.
    What would be interesting is to see the data controlled for not only by type of profession, but also through some metric that accounts for the level of ones position, whether it be by number of promotions, or years in that career (best would be to control in both ways and compare), to compliment this overall data. That would help out how much of the pay gap is based on the choice of profession. It wouldn’t say anything about why the choices are the way they are though. Whether doing all of that is realistic, I have no idea, unfortunately, though I am pretty sure I have seen studies that have controlled for type of job at least. Though, even those studies have their problems, if they don’t account for career advancement, you still don’t know where the problem is and you can’t come up with effective solutions to decrease the gender pay gap.

  • Stephie

    Some of the comments contained in the link to the article on the Iroquois lacross team are just plain depressing.

  • JosephLillo
  • Jeanette

    I’m very glad that the ACLU is going after Catholic hospitals because I think what they are doing is reprehensible. But regardless of the results of the investigation or even a lawsuit, I don’t see this ending well. The Catholic Church does what it damn well pleases, period.
    When D.C. recently forced them to choose between giving employees’ same-sex partners medical benefits or not giving employees benefits at all, they went with the latter. I have no doubt that if they have to choose between performing emergency abortions to save lives, or refusing to accept medicare/medicaid in order avoid performing them, again they will go with the later, no matter how much that hurts low-income women. [/cynical rant]

  • metal_teapot

    Unfortunately for the Iroquois, the fact that the US treats anyone trying to come into their country like complete and utter shit probably has some part to play here. If someone tried to come over to the US without the correct passport, they’d be questioned for hours and then almost certainly deported, I can’t imagine the special circumstances being listened to. In fact the US is the only visa waver country where I regularly here about people struggling to get through passport control, being regularly searched and generally treated like a piece of crap. Couple that with the fact that a $10 processing fee has been introduced to anyone wanting to enter the country without a visa and you have to apply for what amounts to a visa online before you enter, it is sadly unsurprising that citizens from the US are being treated badly when it comes to entering other countries. The lack of respect with which they treat the rest of the world is likely to be reflected in the way the rest of the world treats the US.
    This is probably unfair for the Iroquois, if they don’t identify as US citizens however I think until the US starts treating people with respect when the try to enter the country it is unlikely to change.