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Penelope and Javier
This is not particularly relevant, except for the fact that I love both of these people and think they are a hot couple. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem just got married.
Another celebrity marriage: Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Anyone smell a Palin 2012 media ploy?
A judge in Nebraska has blocked a new law requiring women seeking abortions to get mental health screenings.
The charges were dropped today against the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell protesters Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. Jim Pietrangelo II.
A list of 1300 latino names and identifying information was leaked by a group calling themselves “Concerned Citizens of America.” The list was sent to media and ICE officials.

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  • Michelle J

    Not that I particularly care about Bristol or Levi, but are we so jaded now that we’re making snarky comments when two young kids who have a child together decide to give it another go?
    Come now, we’re better then that. (Um… I’m using the royal “we”?)

  • MandyV

    /\/\/\Y/\ is definitely weirder than M.I.A.’s previous recordings, and it will be interesting to see where critics of her ability to balance political and aesthetic ambitions go with this album. Will the media continue to castigate M.I.A. for going too far beyond the pop star galaxy with her overt political agenda? If so, I just hope M.I.A. doesn’t go the way of pop feminist icon Madonna and, in the words of bell hooks, “return to patriarchy.”
    So Much Things to Say: 100 Calabash Poets brings together the work of poets known and unknown who have read at the Festival or are Calabash Writer’s Workshop Fellows. The voices of the colonized, the war-torn, the oppressed, and the hopeful shine in this collection of poems that are political, visceral, inspired, sorrowful, courageous, and essentially, beautifully human.

  • Suzann

    As for the “leaked” list?
    I think the work *leaked* implies a disclosure of accurate – if secret – information.
    There is no reason to believe that list has any informational value what so ever. (In other words – it is pure bilge.)
    The term should be *made up* list.

  • konkonsn

    “The group says it plans to send new lists on a continual basis and insists that state and federal agencies take ‘forceful action.'”
    Forceful action against your ass(es). This is scary not just in the immigration debate, but the information one as well.
    And I agree with Michelle J on the Bristol/Levi wedding comment. Ok, yeah, you don’t like Palin. You maybe could have discussed how marriage for the sake of the child isn’t a good choice, and that would have been relevant to the marriage decision.

  • daveNYC

    “This is not particularly relevant, except for the fact that I love both of these people and think they are a hot couple. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem just got married.”
    This would only be worth mentioning if Javier had done his role in the ceremony in the character of Anton Chigurh, and asked Penelope to flip a coin before he said ‘I do’. That’d be a wedding video worth watching.

  • MishaKitty

    I’m with Michelle J above on this Bristol/Levi engagement situation. I mean, is the snark here really necessary? Maybe it is some sort of ploy but let’s leave these kids alone for now huh?
    Also, yes, I do love Bardem and Cruz as actors and think they make a beautiful couple, but I love them much less since I found out they (I think it was both of them but I know Penelope Cruz for sure) signed that petition to have Roman Polanski set free. Ugh.

  • jstein

    I like the people are already prepared for the snark before I even showed up. Makes me feel like I’ve been beaten to the fun. Drat!
    Still, I call shenanigans on the engagement.

  • Kathleen Hagerty

    Yeah, I agree! I’m so disappointed to see that they support Polanski. You can be a fantastic artist and an (aesthetically) beautiful person, but still lack any moral compass. Boo.
    Check this out:

  • smiley

    I can only agree with the previous comments about Bristol and Levi.
    What a really nasty little piece of work. I read it last night, but thinking about it today made me want to comment.
    There is not much to add, except to say that the author’s hatred for Sarah Palin is really staggering. Her daughter is engaged to her boyfriend? It must be a ploy by SP. Every twist to the plot (it is a plot!) is spun darkly (“Us did a bizarre job on the cover [...]” (a photograph of the two and their child?), ‘Then Bristol and Levi announce their “secret engagement,”[...]‘ (why the quotes?).
    Staggering how a fairly mundane story about two young lovers can be cynically examined in this way. No humanity shown. No desire to think the best, and a joy in believing the worst.

  • TabloidScully

    I think Miriam is summarizing the article that’s being linked to. Which, before people start accusing her of being too cynical, let’s remember a few things:
    1. This is a Feminist site. Sarah Palin is not a Feminist, and has, in fact, been responsible for instituting a dozen policies that are against women. So forgive those of us who are inherently distrustful of any of Palin’s actions when looked at through this realistic lens.
    2. Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson may very well be “back in love.” Let’s hope, for the sake of their relationship and that with their child. But that doesn’t necessarily undermine the very real possibility that their public reconciliation is, in part, a PR stunt. And a particularly brilliant one. Johnson and the Palins have all had their time in the spotlight to look like douchebags, with both camps equally launching some pretty gruesome smear campaigns. Yet doing it this way, essentially forcing Sarah Palin to bow to the court of public opinion, she comes out looking particularly magnanimous. VERY convenient.
    3. I have to admit, I’m amused at the number and intensity of comments criticizing the coverage of the relationship’s rekindling in the first place. If all of you optimists are correct, then the two went to a magazine (and not even a respectable one; they went to a damn tabloid!) to tell the world, including their parents, that they were reconciling. This is an open invitation to speculation, theory and conspiracy.

  • smiley

    Point 1. Yes, so?
    Being a Feminist does not give carte blanche to being nasty to someone with opposing views. Or to their children. (By your argument, you should remain unmoved if a Republican site attacked Chelsea on her wedding, right?)
    Point 2. Until there is evidence that it is a PR stunt, I think it only fair (and nicer) to assume the better rather than the worse.
    Point 3. Fair point. A likelier explanation is that, in the celebrity obsessed world in which we live, it seemed a logical way to announce their re-engagement. But, even if it is a stunt, Miriam’s comments are still a little over the top.