Gloria Steinem and Jehmu Greene talk feminism

Check out Gloria Steinem and Women’s Media Center President, Jehmu Greene talking to Katie Couric on her web show. I love how Jehmu talks about teen girls pushing back against objectification and who is actually producing objectifying media rather than joining Katie Couric in the “what’s wrong with the girls these days?” woe-is-me-ing.

See the full interview here. See the transcript at Alternet.

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  • DeafBrownTrash

    hey Katie Couric: what’s wrong with girls these days? Really? What about BOYS?? What’s wrong with these boys today??!?!
    Sheez. I’m so tired of the media’s “moral panic” over young women who are claiming their own bodies and discovering their sexualities.

  • mightydoll

    Good lord, Gloria Steinem – if you can’t see that a culture which pressures girls into SHOWING more of their bodies than they might otherwise be inclined to do (I’m thinking girls in mini skirts and tanks and heels in winter here – something I see a LOT) is just as bad as a culture which makes women cover up, it might be time to retire as a spokesperson for feminism. The point is that women and girls are still having their clothing dictated by men.
    Don’t even get me started on how fscked up a culture is that simultaneously pressures girls and women into revealing clothing and then holds them accountable for their rapes/sexual assaults because of what they chose to wear.
    And then of course there’s the fact that the woman of colour here was cut off by the two white women as soon as she started expressing an opinion which diverged from their agenda.
    That was seriously annoying to watch (except for Jehmu Greene, who I wish had been allowed to express her point without being interrupted and derailed – she got back to it, but I think time was wasted and momentum was lost.)

  • mightydoll

    @ DeafBrownTrash: Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either boys OR girls today – they are exactly who they are raised to be by our culture (note, I’m not blaming parents/moms here, but the entire structure in which children are raised).
    Babies and Children come programmed to do what is expected of them (with a few exceptions – children we label, tellingly, as “disabled” or “mentally ill” – but don’t get me started on THAT rant). That they are doing these things is not an indication that there’s ANYTHING wrong with them, but rather that their faculties are working entirely “correctly”.
    What’s wrong is wrong with adults, who have more of a capability to move outside those boxes and “ought to know better”. (I’m certain many of them do, they just don’t CARE.)