NYC Event: J. Courtney Sullivan alongside Candace Bushnell and Cecily von Ziegesar

If you’re in the New York area tomorrow, don’t miss this event featuring J. Courtney Sullivan, Feministing friend and author of bestselling novel, Commencement, about Smith College life and the real world after:


As Courtney, witty lady that she is, said in her email inviting her crew: “Since I’ll inevitably be the worst dressed panelist, I want to be the one with the most friends.” Help make her look fabulous with young, feminist buddies.

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  • fareading

    I’m a regular reader but first-time poster on this site, and even though I know this is only an event announcement, I would like to put out a call for a feminist review of Commencement. My perspective as a queer, lower-middle-class person who went to Smith is different than the perspective of both Ms. Sullivan and the characters in the book, and although I recognize the need for different perspectives, I still think there are some problematic aspects of Sullivan’s book that ought to be discussed.

  • Groundhog

    “Help make her look fabulous with young, feminist buddies.”
    Please tell me you’re kidding with that remark. I guess as an older female, my presence won’t make her look fabulous. Will I make it past the velvet rope? Guess not.
    Ordinarily, Feministing does a great job of pointing out discrimination in its many forms. Major offensive fail this time.