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Jessie Spano and AC Slater from Saved by the Bell. Caption reads -You macho pig! -Oink, oink, baby.
This week I discovered the hilarious tumblr LOLSlater, which screengrabs Saved by the Bell. It reminded me that Jessie Spano might have been the first “feminist” I ever came in contact with. Whoa, right?

TREND ALERT! Gay men, do you have an Insecure Female Best Friend? If not, you need one!

The coming fight over paying for the birth-control pill.

“Back when I was modeling, the first time I went to Italy I was having cappuccinos every day, and I gained 15 pounds. And I felt gorgeous!” -Christina Hendricks. File under: Things that shouldn’t be transgressive but actually are.

There’s new data on pay equity.

The reproductive health effects of the Gulf oil spill.

Alabama expanded its abuse protection law to include dating relationships.

A personal history of how Christian camp helped one person come out as queer.

In the Boston Review, Nancy Hirschmann argues against “care feminism” — and I argue against her. (As do others.)

A new survey shows “Latinos accept and welcome the rising status of women in American life and report many of the same needs as others in terms of balancing work and family life.”

St. Louis now offers basic protections for trans people in housing, public accommodations and employment.

Pinkwashing harnesses global gays as a new source of affiliation, recruiting liberal gays into a dirty bargaining of their own safety against the continued oppression of Palestinians, now perforce rebranded as “gay unfriendly”. This strategy then also works to elide the presence of numerous Palestinian gay and lesbian organisations, for example Palestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (PQBDS).”

Tasers, seizures, and whose stories get told.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image – Deadline October 15, 2010

What Tami Said: “I have written often of my weariness at white people exoticizing my black hair. But what makes me sadder than having my looks marginalized by the majority culture is when my own people, convinced as they are of our hair’s deficiency, communicate their conviction that only exceptional black hair can be pretty”.

Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was ruled unconstitiutional this week. How will that ruling affect the Prop 8 case?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: If the Supreme Court were to change its mind about Roe, “the only women who would be truly affected are poor women.” I don’t think only poor women would be affected, but as with all abortion restrictions, they would certainly suffer the most.

A new study finds “that Blacks and Latinos are among the biggest users of mobile web technology, and that low-income communities are among its fastest adopters.”

What have you been reading/writing this week?

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  • Comrade Kevin

    I wrote about observing plain dress Mennonite women buying lingerie and underwear in Victoria’s Secret. I expanded upon the implication of this act in, Plain on the Outside, Fancy Underneath.

  • Rebecca K.

    Musings on Judaism – How can we reconcile modern Judaism’s focus on justice and equality with the Torah’s celebration of slavery and rape?
    eBooks – The difference between a print and Kindle edition of a book I was looking for? Eight cents. Way to fail at making ebooks compelling, Amazon.

  • Renee

    Happy Birthday Frida, I See Your Pain: This week was Frida Khalo’s birthday and the post looks at the way chronic pain is very much a part of her work.
    Now Mel Gibson Admits to Hitting Oksana, How Long Until We Forgive Him?: Looking at the way we commonly forgive celebrities for violence against women.
    Perhaps We Should Just Be Quiet And Listen To Trans People: Looking at why listening to so-called experts rather than transpeople often leads to a cissexist understanding of trans lives
    Bill Cosby Tells Black People Off Again: Looking at why Cosby’s musings serve White supremacy more than they serve the Black community.
    Life On The Inside: An Omar Broadway film: An inmate sneaks a camera into a prison and films secretly for 6 months

  • MisukoB

    Looked at the “LOLSlater” page, went back forward a few pages then saw the “just a little harmless sexism”, *sigh* rolled my eyes and stopped watching any more pictures.
    But oh wait I forgot, silly me, sexism is so “hilarious!” riiight? whatever, I hate these misogynistic so called “jokes” and I’m so tired of people defending them.

  • Kari

    Feminist Majority Foundation will have an intern live tweeting and blogging from the Operation Rescue/Operation Save America clinic siege in Charlotte, NC July 17th-24th

  • Alexandria

    I wrote a profile of the amazing Swedish singer Robyn for PAPER magazine — normally I wouldn’t want to be self-promotey, but she spoke in a really casual, open way with me about being a feminist and I thought that was just awesome. She’s the best!

  • missmelancholy.myopenid.com

    I hope someone writes about this here. A pregnant woman who says she was trying to help and bring medicine to her neighbor who was having a seizure was beaten by police so bad to the point she had a miscarriage. According to the article, the woman says she told the officer she was pregnant and he decided to use brutal force and also spray her with chemicals. I am trying to find more articles about this incident, its very upsetting to me how police can do this.

  • Gender Across Borders

    This week at Gender Across Borders:
    On abortion access in Brazil.
    Why BBC’s “Men’s Hour” might not be a bad idea.
    Addiction and coping with sexual assault.
    How Sweden’s Feminist Initiative party is campaigning for equal pay.
    Some thoughts on Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage.
    Our series on global feminism continues, and join us for our global feminism live chat on July 19!

  • Jessica Lee

    As awesome as I found Christina Hendricks’ quote to be, I feel like it’s easier for her to say it because even if she’s curvier, she’s still not so outside of the attractiveness norm. She has big boobs, a small waist, and wide hips. She just isn’t part of the rail-thin trend that’s been happening in Hollywood.
    See, if someone like Gabourey Sidibe or Mo’Nique said that, people would be appalled by how someone who’s already big could boast about it. While I admire Christina for speaking out, I don’t think it’s nearly as transgressive as one would hope. In fact, straight men seem to like the idea of a woman bragging about how much she eats yet still maintain conventional attractiveness.
    On a completely different note, the “Insecure Female Best Friend” article hit a little low for me, because I have insecure tendencies and my gay guy friends always come to my side, haha.

  • http://evilslutopia.com EvilSlutClique

    This week in Evil Slutopia:
    There was quite a response to our latest Cosmo blog Why More Girls Are Kissing Girls, so we posted a Girls Kissing Girls Clarification. We noticed that the One Million Moms Have Been Reading Our Blog which led to yet another action alert on The OMM vs. Bristol Palin. We also wrote about New York magazine summing up True Blood‘s Lafayette as a Cross-Dressing Drug-Dealing Prostitute. And we put together a Totally Gay Company Boycott List For The AFA And Other Homophobes.

  • Becky

    This week on Happy Bodies:
    That’s Nasty!: Why do we learn to find some body parts gross?
    Where does sexual violence prevention start?: Two different SVP efforts and how they change the definition of sexual violence.
    And we invite you to join our open forum to discuss the new series Huge!

  • Anonymous
  • MandyV

    Feminist Review is giving one of our readers a chance to win an Eco Friendly Lunch Box, courtesy of EasyLunchBoxes.com. The prize includes a container set and one lunch bag (you choose the color!).
    Forced to Care begins with a look at those who are responsible for the lion’s share of caregiving in America. Glenn’s findings basically confirm what most of us know already: in most cases, women of color, women at the low end of the socioeconomic scale, and illegal immigrants are the ones caring for our nation’s young, disabled, and elderly.
    Female Nomad and Friends: Tales of Breaking Free and Breaking Bread Around the World is an absolute treat for women who love to travel and connect with new people. Even for those who simply dream about it, but don’t have the means or the fearlessness to travel to exotic places, this book offers funny stories, unbelievable adventures, and… recipes.
    Unapologetic. Raw. Honest. The third issue of Voces Zine is a collection of poetry by artists from different communities—indigenous, people of color, trans, and queer—sharing their experiences as survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Originally inspired by a small community of Latino immigrants, this issue represents a first-time inclusion of contributors from outside of its original roots.

  • MandyV

    Our Porn, Ourselves: Erika Lust on the Future of Porn
    Erika Lust is something of a film connoisseur—and her genre of choice is porn. An award-winning director and co-founder of Lust Films in Barcelona, Erika knows the (ahem!) ins and outs of the adult film biz, but she isn’t pleased with a lot of what she sees. While big tits, money shots, bad acting, and fake orgasms might pique men’s erotic interests, Lust believes films that satisfy women’s needs require something different.
    Grim Sleeper Case Put to Rest
    Since 1985, a man the Los Angeles Police Department dubbed the “Grim Sleeper” has killed at least ten Black women and girls, and one Black man, who lived in the same low-income area on the South side of L.A. Many of the women were prostitutes and most of the victims died by the same gun. Why it took twenty-five years for the LAPD to identify former trash collector Lonnie David Franklin, Jr., whose familial DNA led to this week’s arrest, is now being sorted out.
    Caster Semenya Is Back on Track
    When the test results came in, Semenya discovered that she is intersex, and the life changing news was difficult for the young track star to bear. Although the IAAF agreed to allow Semenya to keep her medal and the prize money in November, it wasn’t until yesterday that she was granted the right to compete in future competitions as a woman. The ruling is effective immediately.

  • Anonymous

    Also this:
    The case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani: Why we need gender-specific refugee policies in all countries today

  • uberhausfrau

    holy carp, the nancy hirschmann article was tl;dr. she lost me after starting with some pretty heinous examples of parent behaviour (which im sure people could probably find just as many daddy coming to the rescue stories) and then giving some correlation to how “mothering is destroying the world!”

  • AMM

    In the Boston Review, Nancy Hirschmann argues against “care feminism” — and I argue against her. (As do others.)
    I took a look at Hirschmann’s article, and glanced at the others. Sorry, but all I can say is, it’s the same old “mommy wars” that saw when I first discovered misc.kids on Usenet some 25 years ago.