Pink balls? Seriously?

For a long time, I thought blue balls was something that dudes made up in 7th grade in order to get further around the bases than their girlfriends were comfortable with traveling. Turns out, the phenomenon is real and technically called vasoconstriction. But it’s not just the guys who have trouble with, in the words of my old friend Carly Simon, anticipation. This just in from The Frisky:

Medical science has proven that women get a similar painful feeling when we don’t get to finish properly either. There is nothing worse then being close to climaxing and losing it; just because we don’t physically ejaculate (well, much) doesn’t mean we don’t get pink balls.

Stupid name, I know. But interesting finding. Let’s just make a lady pact that we won’t use our vasoconstriction as a form of manipulation, shall we?

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  • paperispatient

    I was just discussing this with my partner the other day. I called it “lady blue balls,” but it definitely exists. You’re having some kind of sex, getting close to orgasm, and then the fire alarm goes off or the roof starts leaking (two things that have happened to me) – it’s totally uncomfortable and frustrating.

  • Opheelia

    My Human Sexuality prof in college called it “violet vulva,” which is far more accurate.

  • Opheelia

    It’s totally uncomfortable! Also, both “the fire alarm goes off” and “the roof starts leaking” also sound like euphemisms. :)
    “And then, the roof TOTALLY started leaking, if you know what I mean…”

  • JemimaAslana

    I heart your prof.

  • JemimaAslana

    Isn’t it just wonderful that we need medical science to tell us that yup, we do feel pain and discomfort?
    Sheesh, any woman who’s ever tried this could’ve told them that. But I guess our experiences and our words don’t count until (male) scientists have confirmed that yes, women do in fact exist and have experiences in this world.

  • Marc

    Scientific findings aside, since when did the Frisky turn into a feminist source for insights? Even the Pope is more feminist than it will ever be, and that’s saying a lot.

  • JGirl

    I swear I won’t use it as a form of manipulation, but I’m glad to know it isn’t just me!
    I also don’t want to call it pink balls. Violet Vulva sounds much better.

  • jolenetara

    I remember once complaining to a girlfirend (about my partner) and referring to the situation as “blue walls”. It’s interesting to know that there was a basis to that.

  • Mytrr

    When I’m awake, I might wind up uncomfortable if I’m unable to climax during sex. I’ve had vividly sexual dreams that left me in pain when I woke up. I’ve also heard that men go through hormonal changes that cycle about every 3 weeks, but obviously without the telltale signs of period flow or cramps. Just think it’s interesting the way male and female bodies are different, yet so similar, and we only pay attention to the obvious things.

  • paperispatient

    Hahaha, I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re totally right.
    (For real, though, it was freaky – it was storming outside and all of a sudden cold, dirty water started pouring through the bedroom light fixture, which is right above the bed.)

  • Unequivocal

    I know, right? Especially since there’s never been any debate or doubt about whether the same condition in males is a real thing.
    I mean, other than Courtney saying “For a long time, I thought blue balls was something that dudes made up in 7th grade in order to get further around the bases than their girlfriends were comfortable with traveling,” of course. But that’s the only time I’ve ever heard anyone question whether blue balls really happens to men, so why is it that it takes some kind of scientific study before we acknowledge that it exists in women?!
    Personally, I think that science needs to stay out of our genitals! Scientific “studies” like this can only hurt women in the long run.
    (Seriously though, you don’t find research into the biological processes that underlie human sexuality to be at least somewhat useful and worthwhile? If nothing else I thought that this provided some useful insight into the mechanics behind a common phenomenon.)

  • everybodyever

    When I was a kid, a younger friend — she was probably seven — once informed me in all seriousness of what she planned to name her new white poodle: Pink Balls. Because, well, his balls were pink.
    But really, what balls aren’t?
    Strike one, Frisky writer. Try again.

  • Jessica Lee

    If we want to use the female equivalent of testicles, we can call it “orange ovaries”, but I don’t think ovaries actually turn orange :/.

  • lyndorr

    I hate how more importance is placed on men’s sexual pleasure. I was a little surprised when I realized sex without a condom can feel better for women too. All my life I had only heard about men trying to get out of wearing them.
    So should anyone really be surprised that women can get sexually frustrated too? But it needs to be “discovered”.