David Vitter’s Faulty Claims On Guilty Legislative Aide.


Brent Furer, a legislative aide for David Vitter, plead guilty to attacking his girlfriend with a knife in 2008. No only did he stay on staff, David Vitter claims he didn’t work on the one issue it turns out he did work on–women’s issues.

via TPM.

Brent Furer pled guilty in 2008 to attacking his girlfriend with a knife, but was nonetheless retained in Vitter’s DC legislative office in the role of legislative assistant for women’s issues until the details of Furer’s crime were publicized in late June. He subsequently resigned. In Louisiana today, Vitter categorically denied that Furer worked on women’s issues in any way. But numerous records and published accounts prove otherwise.

Several DC-based information services publish detailed listings of staff assignments and contact information for Capitol Hill offices. And multiple directories, both online and in hard copy, name Furer as Vitter’s legislative assistant on women’s issues.

Either Vitter is clueless about what issues his staff works on (doubtful) or he just caught lying in an attempt to justify Furer’s continued employment. Also, Furer worked on legislation with Beth Meeks, the ED of Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence where they worked on DV legislation together and according to TPM she was personally informed that “Furer was Vitter’s point man on the issue.” Oh oops!

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