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The women of the Daily Show respond to the allegations of sexism. Amanda Hess and Amanda Marcotte have analyses of the statement they released.
A federal judge has ruled in favor of a trans woman in Georgia who was fired from her job as a legislative counsel after coming out at work.
Kathleen Parker attempts (not so successfully) to respond to the blow back from her column last week calling Obama the first woman President.
Amanda Hess writes about the National Organization for Marriage’s creepy heterosexual bus tour. Stay away from that bus kids! Sounds like they are recruiting.

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  • Emperor Zarkov

    Am I the only one who felt like Parker’s “Barack’s my cousin” comment sounds suspiciously like “Don’t worry, I have black friends!”

  • Monty

    I’ve got some mixed feelings about “The Daily Show” on the one hand I’d like to see more female writers, guests, etc. on the other hand I think it was really great of the women on the show to write that letter when the issue could be swept under the rug so easily.

  • Wednesday

    I’m glad that people are at least reading and linking the response from the women working at the Daily Show. It’s not a comfortable feeling, when outsiders decide how much and what kind of sexism you’re facing in your own job, and then proceed to tell the entire world that no women should want to work or study where you do.

  • daveNYC

    So Amanda Hess is basically asking Jon Stewart to start up a quota (not just an affirmative action) system at The Daily Show?
    “And if you respond to suggestions that your hiring practices may be sexist with a letter signed by all the women on your staff dismissing these claims out of hand, then your hiring practices are almost certainly sexist. ”
    This is kind of funny. So if the women on the show write a letter, then the show is guilty, but if they don’t write a letter, then that would mean they’re innocent? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  • lucierohan

    I think their opening line sums it up: “Dear people who don’t work here.”

  • NapoleonInRags

    I wish I could like this comment about 50 times.

  • j7sue2

    I was saddened by the bigotted and hateful comments left on the trans story. We have a long way to go.

  • Bridgette

    We also have a long way to go inside our own community and within the Transgender/transsexual community as well. I have been repeatedly attacked for not being willing to call myself transsexual or identify myself as transsexual despite the fact that I have to undergo all the surgeries that it entails.

  • Hillel

    While I am a huge fan of the show, I began tuning in this week (as I’m a teacher who can’t afford to travel this summer). I was shocked by the derogatory uses of the word “faggot” and “pussy” with no impunity. I thought that Jon was better than that. The Daily Show is known for clever humor, but this is anything but.
    Should this rhetoric be absent from this timely conversation of sexism on the part of the Daily Show?

  • aletheia_shortwave

    The Daily Show letter says, “How else to describe him? What’s the word that means the opposite of sexist? That one.”
    Maybe I’m wrong, but I was of the impression that this word was “feminist,” and wonder why they had to refer to it by euphemism and not straight-up.

  • krod

    Because it’s supposed to be funny! It’s not that they’re using a euphemism for “feminist,” it’s that they are responding to the accusations of sexism and being smart asses about it. You know, because women are funny.

  • MzFitz

    Exactly, krod. Also, sexism isn’t a one-way street, so the opposite of sexism isn’t necessarily feminism. In this case, because they are referring to the treatment of women, yes, but it would be wrong to state the opposite of sexism is feminism. Now that you mention it, there isn’t a word for it…

  • aletheia_shortwave

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think it also has something to do with the fact that Jon Stewart’s public image doesn’t exactly vibe with non-humorously calling himself a feminist. His show is great — but not usually as great on gender as someone like Stephen Colbert, for example, who uh, interviewed Jessica Valenti. And Gloria Steinem. And Ariel Levy.
    For me, feminism is a phrase that refers to people who oppose all forms of oppression. So, I think “feminism” can include sexism against men, as well as intersexed or genderqueer people. That is the kind of feminism I subscribe to, at least. You’re right that it’s more specific to the idea of men oppressing women though.
    I am not at all opposed to other words, like the concept of kyriarchy, which is broader than patriarchy. But I don’t expect the writers on the Daily Show to out Jon Stewart as “anti-kyriarchy” anytime soon… although I’m sure if he did, he could make a funny bit about it.

  • SaraLaffs

    Parker writes: “But I also recognize that my life experience is different from that of most African Americans. And that experience allows me both the luxury of seeing people without the lens of race, but also (sometimes) to fail to imagine how people of other backgrounds might interpret my words.”
    “…that experience allows me both the luxury of seeing people without the lens of race”?
    No, oh no, just so much no.
    I’m really tired of the idea that white people are race-less, and therefore somehow immune from racial identity. White IS a race, and it comes with a racial identity that also comes with a giant amount of privilege in America. It’s just infuriating to see someone like Parker who thinks she’s not carrying any racial baggage just because she’s white. She might as well have written, “As a highly educated, wealthy, prize-winning writer, I have the luxury of not having to think about anyone whose circumstances are different than mine.” Marie Antionnette called. She wants her cake back.

  • creebakthedestroyer

    What episode was this?

  • Hillel

    They were the new episodes from this past Monday and Tuesday nights.

  • Naught

    Agreed, and I also loved the ice burn at the end. “PS. Thanks for the list of funny women. Our Nanas send us a ton of suggestions about ‘what would make a great skit for The John Daley Show.’ We’ll file it right next to those.” ZING!