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For you Steig Larsson fans: On Lisbeth Salander as a feminist heroine.
Google is adjusting the pay of gay employees in domestic partnerships to offset income tax paid on health insurance benefits extended to their partners.
Salon profiles Amy Goodman Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner’s summer camp for feminists.
Ireland passed a Civil Partnerships Partnerships bill, allowing same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships for the first time in the country.

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  • Birdseed

    Hey, our money-burning stunt that got us on Reuters and the BBC and has made us the “talkie” of the day in Sweden doesn’t get a mention? ;)

  • Gretel

    You typed “Amy Goodman” but you meant Amy Richards. I love the Freudian slip, though! An Amy Goodman-led camp is my dream. :)

  • alegna422

    it should be Amy Richards, not Amy Goodman.
    -Angi Proehl

  • Sara

    I just wanted to point out that the feminist summer camp is put on by Amy Richards not Amy Goodman. :)

  • Sigmund

    Additionally, and I apologize if this was covered elsewhere on the site and I missed it, some of the women who work on the Daily Show responded to the Jezebel article here:http://jezebel.com/5580512/female-employees-of-the-daily-show-speak-out.

  • Vanessa

    Doh, thanks folks! Total brain fart.

  • idrathernot

    yay, lisbeth salander

  • idrathernot

    Frustratingly, (but not necessarily just the women’s responsibility at the Daily Show) the show’s jokes itself (usually when trying to make hilarious sexual/women related jokes) often piss me off quite a bit, which is what made it so easy for me to believe that it is a ‘boys’ club.’

  • holmes

    I”m not sure if actually burning $13,000 dollars impresses too many, especially in the middle of a major recession/depression. In fact, speaking only for myself, I think this “stunt” is an extreme display of privilege and ignorance.

  • Sigmund

    Yeah, I wasn’t entirely happy with the response from their end, since I felt like it would have been a great chance to discuss the issues women face in comedy.