Beyond snakes and snails and puppydog tails

Check out this awesome documentary about gender stereotypes by some future Judith Butlers (Merlin, Rebecca, and Stella) at PS 107 in New York City:

Thanks to Gwen for the heads up.

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  • Miss Caroline

    This warms my heart. As a kid, I remember thinking that the “pink vs. blue” / “girls vs. boys” mindset was bullshit. I was new to the planet and the gender binary didn’t make sense to me. I wish I had been empowered enough at that age to question my classmates about these assumptions (on camera no less!)
    My heart breaks a to hear a grown woman saying that she wishes a boy wouldn’t wear so much pink. When I was a child, I took what adults said as The Truth™ but these kids seem completely unfazed. I’m thankful for the supportive adults in their lives that gave them that camera.

  • sparky17

    I love those little kids, especially the little boy! I hope I raise kids as enlightened as them.


    Serious awesome. Those kids rock.

  • dark_morgaine

    Rock on, Merlin!
    Who died and decided pink was “girly”? Okay, not well-phrased, but the stereotype is stupid. And, as I’ve said before, pink is a shade of red, so girls don’t even get our own full color. Good for him to reclaim the shade!