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Wow: Some serious evidence has been released revealing that the NYPD have been reporting rapes as misdemeanors in an effort to manipulate crime statistics — resulting in a slew of repeat offenders.
More on police misconduct: Journalists and female protesters at the G20 Summit in Toronto are reporting mistreatment, threats of rape and possibly sexual assault by police. Thing is, there hasn’t been a peep from the media. Check out this woman’s account.
William L. Taylor, 78, a leading desegregation and civil rights attorney, passed away this week after complications from a fall.
The Sexist takes on Olivia Munn’s Playboy photo shoot,raising questions of manipulation and consent.
A great campaign in Scotland just released a great TV ad tackling rape myths. Cara has more as to why this ad is so awesome.
The bad-ass documentary, How To Lose Your Virginity, is doing a fundraiser. There’s only a day left to reach their goal, so please check out more info about the project and donate to their campaign.

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