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Wow: Some serious evidence has been released revealing that the NYPD have been reporting rapes as misdemeanors in an effort to manipulate crime statistics — resulting in a slew of repeat offenders.
More on police misconduct: Journalists and female protesters at the G20 Summit in Toronto are reporting mistreatment, threats of rape and possibly sexual assault by police. Thing is, there hasn’t been a peep from the media. Check out this woman’s account.
William L. Taylor, 78, a leading desegregation and civil rights attorney, passed away this week after complications from a fall.
The Sexist takes on Olivia Munn’s Playboy photo shoot,raising questions of manipulation and consent.
A great campaign in Scotland just released a great TV ad tackling rape myths. Cara has more as to why this ad is so awesome.
The bad-ass documentary, How To Lose Your Virginity, is doing a fundraiser. There’s only a day left to reach their goal, so please check out more info about the project and donate to their campaign.

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  • inallsincerity

    ‘Antiquated’ sex op laws must change: report
    “This is a dark chapter in Swedish history, and it must stop,” said health and welfare board director-general Lars-Erik Holm.

  • Nasheen

    As a lifelong GTA (Greater Toronto Area) resident I consume a lot of local media. While the mainstream media response to police behavior during the G20 hasn’t been sufficient, given the severity of the complaints, the story has been covered. I learned about male officers strip searching females, of threats of rape and sexual assault all through The Toronto Star, a major (definitely mainstream) media source here. So to say there hasn’t been a peep simply isn’t fair to the journalists of this city.

  • Blithely Zealotic

    Holy fucking shit! that Scottish ad is awesome!
    The coercive Playboy shoot? Not so much.

  • Newbomb Turk

    Munn should have walked the minute this “stylist” started badgering her. Clearly, he had the approval of the rest of the people at Playboy for his behavior since no one intervened and told him to knock it off. What a sleazy way to do business!

  • Kessei

    I think “hasn’t been sufficient” is an understatement, though. Even if it’s been covered in Toronto, it hasn’t been covered in newspapers or TV media in Buffalo or Ottawa, or at all on CTV that I’ve seen.
    Check out this piece which ran first in the Calgary Herald and then in the Ottawa Citizen, which lauds the police for how “restrained” they were:
    I know it’s been leading up to Canada Day and all, and many people don’t want to hear “unpatriotic” news, but…explain media outlets in Buffalo not covering it.

  • lindbeam.wordpress.com

    FYI, and this might be a good post as this issue unfolds (offshoot from your NYC rape link) – in Baltimore, it’s come to light this week that up to 1/3 rape reports get dropped by the cops b/c they discourage women from telling their stories and shame them into recanting, among other atrocities. It’s horrifying. And it deserves coverage! http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-md-ci-rapes-20100519,0,5338041.story

  • IAmGopherrr

    Trying to bush away complaints also happens in other places. This is absolutely infuriating and this only continues the culture of not taking rape complaints seriously. The fact that because of their negligence more assaults were able to take place is disgusting. Its even worse for the fact that the person behind it all got promoted twice! Happy for the detectives work uncovering it. The link below shows that this doesnt seem to be uncommon. More people should know about it.

  • amy_sarah

    agreed. this story is actually getting a lot of mainstream coverage in toronto – it’s just not getting international media attention.
    I hope Feministing will be following the Toronto g20 rallies – we are having rallies to call for public inquiries into: the police brutality (including segregation of detained queer ppl & sexual abuse of women by police), unwarranted arrests, and detention of 1000+ people.
    fighting for our basic rights (to peaceful assembly; to be free from arbitrary detention) as canadians. this is a woman’s issue.

  • everybodyever

    Nice of you to purport to know better than Munn what she should have done. You almost sound like you’re faulting her for how the situation deteriorated.
    And had she walked off the set as you suggest, she probably would have breached the contract to which she wanted to hold the magazine. Not to mention she wouldn’t have gotten some great press in the form of a Playboy cover.
    Instead, Munn stuck it out and insisted on the terms of her contract in order to get what she wanted and was contractually entitled to out of the experience. Good for her.

  • Newbomb Turk

    I’m not criticizing Olivia Munn’s decision, just pointing out that in retrospect maybe she could have walked rather than put up with the bullshit.
    Munn had her publicist and other witnesses on hand. She also had the no-nudity contract in writing, so Playboy wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. What’s more, this isn’t the first time someone agreed to pose for non-nude photos in Playboy, only to be badgered into doing nude pics: the same thing happened to Kim Kardashian and was shown on TV.
    As far as her “needing” Playboy is concerned, given the facts thay (a) Playboy is losing money hand over fist (b) Olivia Munn has already appeared on the covers of magazines like Maxim that have much bigger circulation and aren’t hemorrhaging money and (c) she’s on two of the most popular shows on cable, Playboy needed Olivia Munn more than she needed them.

  • thateyegirl

    this was on the front page of the tennessean on 6.20.2010… Nashville police drop thousands of domestic violence cases
    “In 2005, police cleared 211 cases without making an arrest. One year later, the number jumped to 3,866, and by 2009, it was 5,600.”
    that many cases with a “lack of cooperation”? i really don’t think so. that many cases where the police just don’t give a rats ass…now i do believe that.