Quick Hit: Elena Kagan SCOTUS Hearings Day 2.

It is Day 2 of the Kagan hearings and the Republicans have already shamelessly called the late Thurgood Marshall, “an activist judge” and scrutinized her relationship with him. For those watching let us know what is going on and be our feminist watchdogs.
You can follow live tweets and watch a live feed on CSPAN .

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  • Dena

    So, I went to the first two hours of Elena Kagan’s hearing in D.C. this morning. Basically Senator Jeff Session’s (R-Alabama) is incredibly rude, and continued to scrutinize her for her “legal progessive” views. Sessions seemed to attempt to undermine Kagan many times and at one point asked her to, “for a moment, please put on your legal hat.” He was just rude and obnoxious.
    Senator Leahy (D-Vermont) questioned Kagan on her judicial philosophy mostly. Senator Kohl (D-Wisconsin) mainly questioned Kagan on her opinions regarding the nation’s anti-trust laws, particularly Supreme Court cases that have changed the meaning of the Sherman Antitrust Act (requires the United States Federal Government to investigate and pursue trusts, companies, and organisations suspected of violating the Act).
    What was interesting were Senator Kohls’ questions regarding cameras in the Supreme Court. Kagan said that, “I have said that I think it will be a terrific thing…it is an inspiring sight…I think it would be a great thing for the institution and the American people.” In addition, Senator Kohl questioned Kagan on the Supreme Court’s Bush v. Gore decision.
    Senator Hatch (R-Utah) questioned Kagan about the First Amendment and issues of free speech. He asked her about whether she considered political speech to be at the core of the First Amendment and went on to question her on the Supreme Court’s Case of Citizens United v. FEC–she spoke before the Supreme Court concerning the case as Solicitor General. From them on, Hatch questioned her on cases of independent expenditures, S-chapters, and whether she personally agreed with the Citizens United v. FEC decision. Remember, Hatch was the Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee when Former President Bill Clinton nominated Kagan to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit–she never got a hearing because Hatch failed to grant her one.
    That’s all I got to personally see of the hearing. I’ve been following the rest on CSPAN.