Palestinian women start an all female car racing team

The Speed Sisters posing on a car
Picture via The Guardian.
Meet the Speed Sisters, a team of eight Palestinian women race car drivers – the first all-female team in the popular Speed Test race.

It’s another step for Palestinian women who have been claiming more positions of influence in a still very much male-dominated society. This year, the first female Palestinian governor was appointed to oversee the West Bank district of Ramallah. The mayor of the district’s main city is a woman, as are four ministers in the Palestinian Cabinet.
Speed Test began in the West Bank in 2005, as violence between Israel and the Palestinians began petering out. Races take place throughout the territory that is ruled by Israel, with Palestinians administering parts of it. Palestinians want the land — about the size of Connecticut — as part of a future state.
In 2005, only one woman participated — the Speed Sisters’ coach, 39-year-old Suna Awedia.

The British-backed team is made of up of women from 18 to 39 years-old. British consulate spokesperson Karen McLuskie says, “They are inspiring in a conflict zone where fun is low on the priority list.”
Team captain Suna Aweidah says, “When I’m racing, I feel freedom. I love speed. When I’m on the track I can break the rules.” Nice.
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  • Cassius

    The problem is, there is always a Danica Patrick or Joan Darc here and there sometimes. But just not enough women follow up, just like not enough men follow up on men experiencing their feminine side.

  • Radically-Yours

    I thought I also heard something about Palestinian women starting an all-women radio station as well! Apparently Palestine has some awesomely ambitious ladies!

  • dark_morgaine

    This is an entire team, not a single Palestinian Danica Patrick. As more women and men become role models, more will cross gender boundaries, and break into new fields. This is what we need: participation and encouragement.

  • Mystikajade

    Yeah but this is a whole team not just one or two people! So obviously a lot of women would like racing at least Palestinian women….why is it that when you do all womens teams, groups, ect that you get more women interested? Could it be that sexism plays a part in women shying away from a lot of events.
    This is awesome! And congrates to the teams!

  • Cassius

    All I am saying is dont get your hopes up. I do not see a future where men will have 50% male rhythmic gymnasts or even 20% female race car drivers.
    Just look at the cars men and women prefer. At least here in Europe women prefer the small stylish car, over the big adrenaline pump with a V6 and up.
    There have been many men and women like that and every time people thought they would be the first of many, later it turned out they were the first of barely.