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vintage comic strip panel of a woman sitting near a phone, thinking 'millie invited me to a party tonight, but i was waiting for dick! well,i don't have to wait any more!'
Vintage comic strip panel, hilariously out of context.

A group of women in the West Bank just launched one of the first all-women’s radio stations in the Arab world.

Women who are married to Gulf fisherman attempt to cope with the oil spill.

“[I]t seems to me that this whole article is profiling McChrystal as like this sad doomed exemplar of a certain kind of machismo.”

Horrific violence is being perpetrated against women in post-earthquake Haiti.

How girls are socialized to be music fans, not critics.

These offensive, ageist ads make me ashamed to be a vintage enthusiast.

A recap of the March for Trans Justice in New York.

abby jean at fwd/forward ponders “whether it’s possible to safeguard medical information to the necessary level while still allowing the accessibility and coordination that make electronic medical records so appealing.”

From the Community blog, an interesting call for feminist crisis pregnancy centers. What would they look like?

What does it mean that Al Gore’s accuser saved
her pants

On talking
to kids
about gender.

The Justice Department failed
to weigh in
on new prison rape standards — so where does that
leave them?

The case for over-the-counter
birth control

a great essay on life with curly hair.

On airlines treating all adult men like predators.

Rage-inducing: Idaho lawmakers propose a measure that would specifically block transgender residents from getting married.

“I think the Civil War ultimately–ultimately–helped women, much as the Declaration of Independence ultimately helped the slaves. It was a boon for egalitarianism, even if the full effects were slow in coming on. But that said, it’s really amazing when you look at the possibilities for societal advancement open to men, and see all of those avenues essentially shut to women.”

Capture The Pussy! or, the power dynamics of sex and what pick-up artists have in common with women who write books about chastity.

Ireland moves closer to recognizing trans identities.

Introducing Lady Business, a hilarious new advice column by Julie Klausner.

Most of the arguments against marriage equality are (surprise!) all about hetero people.

On dismissing sexual violence against women as cultural.

Threadbared has an excellent list of queer style blogs.

What have you been reading/writing this week?

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