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Some Friday feel good: 11-year old Olivia Bouler raised over $110,000 with her drawings (one is above) as a fundraising effort to help birds being affected by the Gulf oil spill. (Pic via CNN)
A teacher was fired from a Christian school for having premarital sex. Yes, really.
Hey, I just saved a ton of money on car insurance by switching to…titties?
A Brazilian judge has refused a women an abortion despite the fact that the fetus has no brain.
Chloe talks about health and beauty on GritTV.

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  • Comrade Kevin

    Chloe talks about the cultural schizophrenia that characterizes our standard of beauty. I’m very glad to hear someone say this and hope we’ll keep the discussion going.
    I honestly feel like the people who need to hear this most are girls, and by that I mean female children, because the negative messages haven’t had such a collective impact over time. Just like one can’t have “the talk” soon enough, so too one can’t be told that inner beauty is far more important than outward obsession to seem perfect.

  • Surfin3rdWave

    Re: the teacher who was fired for “fornication”- from the context of the article, I think that the real reason they fired her was so that they wouldn’t have to pay for maternity leave. The fornication aspect was just their (lousy) excuse.
    Does anyone else suspect that her interracial relationship could have been part of the school board’s prejudice? Would they have been as judgmental if her husband were African-American, like her? Maybe I’m over-analyzing.

  • Surfin3rdWave

    Errr– whoops. Can we get a “not safe for work” disclaimer on the car insurance/titties thing? I guess the title should have said all, but I was expecting a news article instead of OMG BOOBS IN MY FACE.
    I don’t mind seeing boobies, but I think my coworkers might have thought I had just opened a softcore porno link.

  • vcmaude

    It’s very obvious that they fired that teacher to avoid giving her maternity leave. Disgusting. I hope reasonable parents will pull their children out in protest.

  • OklahomaExile

    I’m sorry, what’s the “yes, really?” aspect of a teacher getting fired for doing something that she was explicitly told she could get fired for doing? I think the pre-marital sex clauses in teachers’ contracts at most Christian schools are imbecilic, but (a) it’s a private school and (b) it’s not like they made a secret of either their priorities and prerogatives. Is it dumb? Yes, but on the part of BOTH parties, in my opinion.

  • daveNYC

    The question is if a clause like that is valid. Pre-marital sex is legal, and part of one’s private life. If a clause like this is legal, then one could just as easily enforce a clause that says you can’t hang out with black people.

  • vcmaude

    She wasn’t explicitly told.