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Really Louisiana? Ugh.
“With an international meeting on whaling set to open this month, Japan is pushing hard to break a 24-year moratorium, including offering cash bribes and call girls to countries willing to back them.” Is it bad that I’m relieved other countries’ political leaders are as corrupt as our own?
Florida teacher fired for fornicating with her then-boyfriend, now husband.
An interesting intervention to all those pro-ana and mia sites around the net.
Eminem supports gay marriage all the sudden?
The International Museum of Women has an international exhibit exploring the many ways women participate in and relate to the global economy. Check out all the stunning pics.

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  • ebsith

    Also, an honor killing outside of Delhi:

  • Dena

    Same-sex marriage, please! =)

  • MandyV

    “What’s the status of Le Tigre?” an eager—albeit slightly angst-ridden—fan asks Kathleen Hanna during the Q&A session after the screening of Le Tigre: On Tour. I, too, had been wondering the same question—because this band, who has proven so formative to women young and old everywhere, seems to exist only in our collective lesbo-feminist consciousness at the moment.
    In Click, editors Courtney E. Martin and J. Courtney Sullivan present twenty-nine essays by young feminists from all walks of life with the intention “to collage together a picture of contemporary young feminists…to discover what it is that still brings a diversity of young people to try on the feminist label despite the obvious risks.” The collection they’ve compiled is inspiring, insightful, and funny in all the right places, and I had to resist the urge to shout, “Preach on!” as I read it.
    Unfortunately, this moment in Get Him to the Greek reinforces cultural myths surrounding the acceptance of rape. Instead of calling attention to the cultural, systemic, powerful epidemic of sexual violence, the “joke” nullifies its severity by applying it to the most powerful social group (white men).

  • SarahSimone

    So not to support Eminem, because obviously the things he says in his lyrics and many of the things he’s done are gross and reprehensible, but I was always under the impression that his “character” was never one and the same with his actual self. I remember reading some interviews where he said that he writes out of anger and aggression, but doesn’t really believe in the things he’s writing. I guess I’m just saying it doesn’t particularly surprise me that he isn’t against gay marriage.

  • uberhausfrau

    one can only hope the lousiana law gets overturned in the courts as being redundant and overly burdensome seeing as ultrasounds are already, as admitted by both sides, used in 95% of abortions as a diagnostic tool. the trade group of radialogists and ultrasound techinicians as come out against the use of ultrasounds for “bonding” or other non-diagnostic purposes back in 2004 – i cant find the exact press release and it was in response the 3D ultrasound “boutiques” that were popping up in places, but i think the sentiment can be translated to the use of regular 2D ultrasound in the attempt to emotionally hamstring women.
    the FDA has also stated february 2004: Persons who promote, sell or lease ultrasound equipment for making “keepsake” fetal videos should know that FDA views this as an unapproved use of a medical device. In addition, those who subject individuals to ultrasound exposure using a diagnostic ultrasound device (a prescription device) without a physician’s order may be in violation of state or local laws or regulations regarding use of a prescription medical device.
    the article doesnt specify if the woman has to get a prescription from a doctor first. if not, there’s malpractice going on.

  • vtfem

    So how, exactly, is forcing a woman to receive and pay for a medical procedure that she doesn’t want and is not necessary for her health “empowering”? I’m getting really sick of the antis stealing our language, especially when it doesn’t even make sense!

  • mightydoll

    I like Eminem. *cringes and ducks* I’ve never thought of his lyrics as much more than satire and a release valve, and as someone who firmly believes that authors shouldn’t be held responsible for what their characters do and think (shitty people exist, so sometimes, you have to write shitty people, if your art is going to be honest) have always taken Eminem with a heap o’ salt.
    Now, I don’t play his songs for my impressionable children, who may not be able to parse satire as well as I can, but I enjoy his rhymes and his music, and I think some of his songs are really funny.
    Even if I didn’t like Eminem, however, I would take issue with the suggestion that celebrities need to be locked in to whoever they were when they were in their early 20’s. The idea that this man can’t grow and change without being challenged and scrutinized, and be a different person at 37 than he was at 22 is frustrating to me. Celebrities are human, too, and they fuck up, they are sometimes stupid, sometimes assholes, sometimes awesome and most of all, if they’re allowed to, they grow and develop, just like the rest of us. Let’s encourage that development, rather than disparaging it.

  • Jjuliaava

    Maybe God is pissed off at LA and maybe She has a reason…

  • xocoatl

    I don’t understand why it’s news that Eminem supports the ability of gays to marry. He’s pretty obviously socially progressive.
    He’s caustic about the way he does it, but it’s pretty blatantly there.