Topless piñatas, stripper pole included

screenshot of video footage, showing the pinatas of blonde women hanging, stripper poles between their legs, breasts fuzzed out by grey strip
A local news station in Donna Texas reports on a piñata store that is selling piñatas of topless women, some with stripper poles between their legs. The report says that the piñatas are popular for bachelor parties.
You can’t see the actual piñatas very well in the video since they have the fuzzy grey strip covering their breasts, but they look pretty characteristically pornographic, big breasts and long blonde hair.
I think I’m more disturbed by the act of breaking open the piñata woman, and the violence that that invokes, than I am disturbed by the nudity. Piñatas are traditionally filled with candy, tied to a tree or hanging from the ceiling, and broken open by people swinging sticks at them, blindfolded.
I had piñatas at my parties as a kid, but they were never of women–usually animal shapes. I definitely understand the cultural significance of piñatas in the Latino community, but this takes symbolic violence against women a bit too far.
The news story doesn’t mention the violent aspect of the piñatas, just the passers-by and their children being exposed to these naked women hanging in the shops.
These “stripper” piñatas are a far cry from the traditional ones, shaped like a seven-pointed star.

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