Jesus’ ultrasound will be featured on anti-choice billboard in the UK

Ultrasound photo of a baby with a halo
Apparently Mary had an ultrasound machine in that barn where she gave birth to the baby Jesus!
At least that’s what a UK anti-choice group would like you to believe. In a new anti-choice ad campaign, billboards featuring a simulation of Jesus Christ’s ultrasound will be rolled out, according to a recent article in Salon. The campaign will be a seasonal one, rolled out during Christmas time next year with the slogan “He’s on His way: Christmas starts with Christ.”

John Smeaton of the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child says, “This advertisement sends a powerful message to everyone in Britain … Whenever we kill an unborn child in an abortion, we are killing Jesus.”

Update: This comment was too good not to amend to this original post.

MLEmac28 said:
That ad is actually very effective. I promise that if I become pregnant without having sex and an angel tells me that I am carrying the savior, I will not have an abortion.
However, given that I am not a virgin, I think giving birth to the messiah is probably out of the question, so I’ll have as many guilt-free abortions as I please.

UPDATE II: Turns out the billboard is supposedly not meant to be an anti-abortion campaign, but a campaign to promote the religious origins of Christmas. It’s being read as a pro-life message though, and I would say rightly so.

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