Kamala Harris Wins California AG Primary

The incredible Kamala Harris won the primary for the bid to become attorney general of California. If she wins she will be first woman and first person of color elected Attorney General of California.
via SFBG Blog.

She praised good ideas that her fellow Democrats raised during the primary around fighting gang crime, corporate greed and fraud, protecting kids and the environment.
‘It’s been an honor to work with you,” Harris said, promising to call her opponents, “to ask you to help us put those great ideas to work.”
Then she talked about getting “tough and smart on crime” by addressing gang crime, but also focusing on early intervention and truancy.
She talked about cracking down on predatory lenders, supporting health care reform, and protecting California’s environment.
“When the President passed healthcare reform, it was the right thing to do,” Harris said. “People deserve to have medical care when they need it. The Attorney General has got to stand up and support that. It must be the work of the next Attorney General to ensure that the disaster and tragedy that happened in the Gulf of Mexico never happens in California,” she said, warning of attacks on AB 32, which set California’s 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal into law in 2006. “

Read more about her politics on her wikipedia page. Having lived in the Bay I know that Harris has exceptionally progressive views and solutions, including most notably her work around re-entry for first time offenders. This is pretty exciting.

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  • gwye

    Yesterday was an INCREDIBLE day women. Would I be traitor if I said I’m excited about Meg Whitman?

  • gwye

    Not that I think Whitman is a great candidate, but it is incredible that the GOP would roll out a woman to run for Governor of the most populous state.

  • valencia_o

    YES! Kamala is fantastic. I go to school in the Bay and went to the NARAL Forum for Choice 2010 in San Francisco (Jennifer Siebel Newsom hosted) back in April. Attendees heard from a panel of candidates for state office on their polices, proposals, and stance regarding reproductive rights.
    Kamala absolutely blew every other candidate out of the water: stunningly eloquent, unbelievably graceful, with an inspiring and very apparent intersectional/multilevel understanding of how forces of oppression coalesce on the front of reproductive rights.
    The hot topic this year was definitely CPCs and she – more than any other candidate for any office – more than proved she knew what was up and what’s at stake.
    I went as part of the Mills College Women’s Health Resource Center, and later was trying to explain what Harris is like in person to a volunteer who couldn’t make it. I think I was like “Okay. Imagine a real-life Bette Porter. Yeah, THAT degree of kickass. Now imagine that she’s twice as articulate and doubly intelligent.”

  • dark_morgaine

    This is very exciting! Always good to see progressive candidates, and POC as well. I don’t understand why certain people seem to think that only white men are qualified to serve in office. Not to say that some white men aren’t qualified and capable, but the rest of the population should be accurately represented as well.

  • valencia_o

    Um … considering she supported Proposition 8 and parental notification as part of Proposition 4, you can go ahead and stop being excited.

  • x-creepy-doll-x

    Hooray, congratulations to Ms. Harris!

  • jstein

    Not to be the buzzkill here, but being a California voter (non-partisan, but voted Democratic this year) I can’t say that I’m excited about any of these candidates.
    I’m happy there are women on the ballot. I realize that’s important.
    But Whitman is not at all an exciting candidate in the governors race, and Jerry Brown (for all of his issues; and there are tons) is a lot better on the issues that we care about then Whitman. The same is true for Gavin as he runs against Fiorina.
    As far as Kamala Harris goes, she’s a decent candidate. Despite the idea of having a woman of color in the AG’s office, which I really like, there are some serious issues that I have with her record. This is a woman who may have prosecuted hundreds of cases on bad evidence and failure to disclose important elements of the background of witnesses. Those are the kinds of things that make me seriously uncomfortable about her.
    Anyway, I’m glad to see that there are strong women running for office. I can’t say that I’m excited about who those women are, what they stand for and what they’d bring to the state of California.