Is sperm the new “swoosh”?

Sneakers with logo that looks like sperm
Whenever I’m on a plane, I can’t help but flip through SkyMall – a catalog that prides itself on offering useless but strangely compelling products like bug vacuums or scary neck thingies. But last week while on a plane to Florida I saw perhaps the best SkyMall product ever: these – inexplicably spermified shoes. There was a whole page layout with little spermies everywhere. I don’t know how a company of people making these shoes couldn’t realize that their logo was so … recognizable. Deliberate or not, hilarious.

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  • Surfin3rdWave

    Hilarious! I also think it’s awesome, but I can’t figure out what makes it awesome. I would really like a pair with ovaries.

  • Mighty Ponygirl

    You mean ovum. Sperm:Ovum::Testicles:Ovaries.

  • Lydia

    If you were as terrified of centipedes as I am, you definitely would not say that the sky mall bug vacuum is useless! Personally, I think it’s genius. I want one!

  • Cola

    I don’t know. There’s a similar shoe in the sidebar labeled, men’s ballistic grey shoe. I wonder if it isn’t a pun on the “ballistic” part. Maybe that’s jut me.

  • BackOfBusEleven

    I found myself watching an episode of the Nickelodeon show “Victorious,” and one of the characters was addicted to buying things from this catalog. I didn’t know it was a real catalog until just now!


    I explicably also love this. I want one foot to have a sperm and one foot to have an ovary.

  • Heina

    I’ve flown so much that it would be hard for me to deny its existence and yet I still find it hard to believe it exists.

  • Darkmoon

    That’s the funniest damned thing I’ve seen in a long while!

  • Surfin3rdWave

    Yeah, but I didn’t think an ovum would be recognizable. It would just be a circle. =)

  • MLEmac28

    I have one :)
    My bug vacuum doesn’t kill the bugs, though. It traps them so I can release them outside. I feel bad killing bugs, but I also don’t want to get close enough to them to trap them with a glass or anything.

  • Cyndel

    I wonder if they have female ones too. Shoes are expensive, instead of buying I’d rather breed them at home.