Countdown to the US Social Forum 2010: Another World is Possible

So you have probably heard us yammering on about the USSF before at Feministing. We did a “Voices of” series (back before the community site!) and have bigged it up a few times. Well now is our last push. If you are interested in meeting, collaborating, building and strategizing the future with the best organizers in the country to push a new, more radical progressive agenda, US Social Forum is for you. Register today.

Also, I will be on a panel with the awesome Jorge Rivas from Racewire about how to win racial and gender justice using new media.

New media and technology are having an impact on the politics of race and gender. With corporate control and concentration of mainstream media, it’s imperative for social justice activists and organizations to dramatically raise media production capacity so that alternative messages–especially stories that expose racism and sexism and propose equitable solutions–can reach wide audiences. What’s hot, what’s next on the horizon and how can we stay ahead of the curve? Topics will include video production, social media and emerging tools. This workshop is for anyone interested in changing the public conversation and understanding around race and gender issues. We’ll explore different strategies for popularizing and personalizing various dimensions of structural racism, sexism and systemic inequality. Along with presentations and group discussions, participants will learn about and share a variety of tools, experiences and lessons for addressing race and gender issues using new media.

Register today!

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