Anti-feminist Mailbag: Dick-Biting Edition

While I doubt it’s actually the case, I’d be pretty impressed if Feministing was responsible in getting one of our readers out of a relationship with this gem:

You bitches are all a bunch of angry, dick biting idiots. yes! there is alot of asshole dudes out there but you people seem to think that every man just wants to go around raping every woman he see’s. I loved my girlfriend with all my heart! I waited on her hand and foot but I guess that wasn’t enough! Ever since she found your site, she seens to think I’m the enemy!?! WTF!
Fuck you BITCHES!!!
Sincerely, a good man who’s relationship you have fucked up!

Yes. Sounds like quite the upstanding man.

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  • DireSloth

    I for one feel that more posts on this site should include the words “Dick Biting” in the title.

  • DeafBrownTrash

    hey asshole, I’m happy she dumped you. You sound like a pathetic, abusive piece of shit loser and she’d had enough of your bullshit. Nobody wants to date an immature boy. we prefer real MEN who have respect for women.
    Have fun being alone for the rest of your life! LOL

  • Brittany

    Good men don’t refer to women as “dick-biting bitches”.
    Maybe she left you because Feministing helped her see what an asshole you are and gave her the confidence to realize that she deserves much better.
    Best of luck with future relationships.

  • Surfin3rdWave

    If we’ve convinced a woman to leave this misogynistic jackass, we have officially succeeded as feminists.
    Glad to know we’re making a difference. :)

  • Nicole

    “I loved my girlfriend with all my heart! I waited on her hand and foot but I guess that wasn’t enough!”
    Or, maybe she didn’t WANT to be waited on hand & foot and she RESENTED your infantilization of her?
    Clearly we’re all gonna jump to conclusions about this guy if he’s gonna jump to conclusions about why she left him – I highly doubt it was “Oh. Feministing said this. I should dump my boyfriend.” /snark

  • mke

    Oh look, another “I hate women because they think I hate women!” rant.

  • Bridgette

    Got to love it. . .he has to blame everyone else for his girlfriend leaving him but himself. . .I think I’ll leave off the man hating language for this one though.

  • Spiffy McBang

    “I waited on her hand and foot”
    We are, perhaps, beginning to see the problem…

  • MarissaAO

    …we prefer real MEN who have respect for women.
    And also men who are often excluded from the category of “real men” for one reason or another. And women. And people somewhere in between.
    Respect for women isn’t a requirement to qualify as a “real man.” It’s just something to do if you’re a decent human being.

  • Lydia

    Usually anti-feminist screeds make me feel sad but this one made me feel happy! Why can’t they all be from burned misogynist douchebags who suspect that feminist media played a role in their exes realizing their misogynist douchebaggery? Thanks, AGMWRYHFU!

  • Lydia

    Totally. Guys who say things like “I waited on her hand and foot” or “I treated her like a queen” always ping my asshole radar, even when they haven’t written whiny hate male blaming feminists for their relationship problems.

  • pedestrian

    Now if we can just convince her to kill her children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become a lesbian, our work will be complete. :)

  • Erin

    It’s strangely ironic that all the guys like this, who clearly are not very good guys, are all so adamant about calling themselves “good guys”… apparently the man, also, doth protest too much.

  • x-creepy-doll-x

    This is the world’s smallest violin, playing just for him! wah-wah-waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • Emily

    lol. what a douche

  • Amanda Leigh

    That was painfully funny to read. Painful because his grammar is terrible. Funny because he doesn’t get it and sadly, probably, never will.

  • jstein

    Honestly, I’ve found that the women I’ve dated who self-identify as feminists are less likely to be resentful of me for being a man than those who hold in high esteem traditional (generally Christian) patriarchy.
    There are just more important things for feminists to care about the fact that I have a penis. I mean, there are real problems to deal with. That aforementioned fact is, at worst, a periodic distraction and, at best, an enabler for some good times.
    I don’t want to make judgments about this guy (though I’m enjoying some of the comments that do), but I do wonder how he got the expression “dick-biting.” That’s not really something I hear very often. I wonder how much of that is insight into his relationship with his ex… Personally, I’ve never had that problem.

  • Lydia

    yeah, I pretty much run in the other direction if I meet a self-identified Nice Guy.

  • AThoughtyThought

    When will people realize that feminism does not mean hating/blaming men? Very sad face.

  • k1ypp

    Sounds like the poor guy is off his meds. Is there a doctor in the house? He may need one for that nasty bite. Hey, I’m a guy, and when I see fools like this shooting their mouths off, it makes me ashamed.

  • DeafBrownTrash

    you are right. thanks for pointing that out to me :-]


    I wonder what “I waited on her hand and foot!” means to this asshat.
    “…I got my own beer when I was watching the football game! I didn’t make fun of her while she was clearing the dishes! I stopped hitting her when my laundry wasn’t clean enough! And then you guys screwed everything up!”

  • Lisa_G

    who cares about grammar, I don’t think he was aiming for that, but he still sounds like a major douchebag, she needs to dump him asap

  • Mollie

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah *bites dick*
    Sorry dude.

  • Marj

    Exactly. This site hasn’t made me see my husband as the enemy–it’s made me more appreciative of having him. If this guy was truly a ‘good man’, feminism wouldn’t have made his partner leave him.

  • Jacob

    I for one find it hilarious that he thinks feminists “seem to think that every man just wants to go around raping every woman he see’s [sic],” since that’s actually a more accurate description of most anti-feminist sexual assault “prevention” programs’ messages.

  • Livia_Augusta

    Oh!!! Dick-biting. That’s what I forgot to put on my “feminist to-do list” today.
    I’m so glad I was reminded.

  • Claire

    He just sounds like a “nice guy.” Those clueless misogynists really don’t get how to treat their significant others at all.
    Of course, now his ex has internet proof on why she ended the relationship in the first place and why she should never go back.

  • dark_morgaine

    I highly doubt that Feministing advocates for people to leave relationships out of the blue. If there are recognizable problems in a relationship, however…
    I wonder if maybe this woman never thought about the way patriarchy affects everyone, or the societal assumptions that control her life – taking his name if they ever get married, assumption she’ll have kids, that sluts deserve to get raped because they’re asking for it, street harassment is to be put up with, etc. I hope we do help people to challenge assumptions and find what works for them.
    If only non-Feminist men saw that we could help them improve their lives, too!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Yay Team Dick biters! You totally rock.

  • Gular

    I just have this image in my head and, well, the caption to it goes something like this:
    dick dick dick dick nom nom nom nom dick dick dick dick nom nom nom nom
    and it makes me giggle uncontrollably.

  • Priss

    world would prolly be better off if she did bite his dick

  • Darkmoon

    His complaint oddly reminds me of Gaston’s from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”
    “A woman shouldn’t read! Soon she starts getting ideas…and…thinking…” *shudder*
    I’m betting he thinks feminism fucked up his relationship because his girlfriend started realizing that being a pushover doesn’t have to be a requirement in a relationship with a man.

  • Darkmoon

    Your comment is so awesome, it goes beyond mere awesomeness.

  • katie

    Awwwww, he’s having a little temper tantrum. Did someone get found out that they are a total asshole?….poor baby….

  • redvsblue

    Jacob what sexual assault prevention program are you referring to? Because I’m part of one and we don’t send out a message that all men want to rape all women. We’re a very feminist program that empowers all survivors (women and men)and teach people that it is never the survivor’s fault. We certainly do not say every man is a rapist. A couple people in the program are men

  • mke

    Jacob specifically said “anti-feminist” programs, so ze probably isn’t talking about yours. I think ze’s talking about the kind that push all the work of assault prevention onto women — the kind that tells women, “Learn the rules of not-getting-raped, because men will be men!” — which is why the word “prevention” was in quotation marks.

  • Arakiba

    Wow, however could a woman have left a fine upstanding specimen of manhood like this one?
    lmao, what a loser he is!

  • heyitsmartine

    Since Jacob referred to “most anti-feminist sexual assault “prevention” programs,” I’m pretty sure he was referring to the folks who victim blame, say that men rape because they can’t help it, and that women should just make sure to not drink/dress “inappropriately”/have consensual sex/etc and that then they won’t have to worry about getting raped. For example, an article that was posted a while back about Spring Break Safety where it gave a whole list of “don’t get raped” tips comes to mind.
    There are certainly feminist programs that take the correct approach like yours :)


    I’ll just point out something I’ve noticed in me, and human nature in general.
    When someone criticizes our viewpoint, there is a neat trick we tend to perform. What we do, is we find the most insane specimen of the group, and focus on them.
    Publishing the rantings of mad idiots is a well known tactic to ignore your rational critics.
    When you have a flurry of rational critics, you simply find a troll, and respond to that one, is if the troll was representative of all your critics.
    We all do this, as human psychology is biased towards staying stagnant in your beliefs and not re-examining them. This is how we ignore another side’s arguments, blocking out even parts that might be rational.

  • Vasa

    Feministing spends plenty of bandwidth responding to more rational criticisms of feminism. Anti-feminist mailbag is just a sort of light “treat.”

  • Gular

    I enjoy the Mailbag because some of the stuff sent to the staff here is just hilariously off-the-wall. I really enjoyed it when it was around before, and made a comment for it back. It’s back, though, I can’t take any responsibility for it.
    I just think it’s good to lighten things up every once in a while since we talk so consistently about such serious subjects like Privilege, Rape, Rape Culture and Sexism.