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A new study shows that children of lesbian parents are potentially better off than children of straight parents.
Did y’all get a chance to check out Jessica’s awesome piece in WaPo last week about Sarah Palin’s fake feminism? Also, Amanda Marcotte has a super informative article at Slate on the history of the anti-feminist “feminists.”
The New York Times profiled a gay, celibate, conservative Catholic against gay marriage (and gay folks having sex altogether). The Sexist takes her on.
The Frisky interviewed Samantha Bee from the Daily Show on airbrushing, pubes and the Disney princess craze.

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  • Phenicks

    Wow @ the first link. That doesn’t make much sense to me at all. I don’t see how the gender of the person your parent is sleeping with makes them a better parent.

  • azinyk

    Regarding the lesbians-make-better-parents story, one potential confounding factor may be dedication. It’s the same reason that children of single fathers do statistically better than children of single mothers on a wide variety of outcomes: they’re not inherently better parents, but they have to work so much harder to get custody or adopt that they must be dedicated parents who really love their kids. Likewise, almost all lesbian mothers would have to go out of their way and make a positive decision to have kids, whereas a lot of heterosexual couples have kids by accident or by default. This active decision probably makes lesbian parents better prepared.
    None of which should dampen their accomplishment or prevent us from supporting further fairness for LGBT parents.

  • Emily

    I just find studies looking into LGBT parenting insulting, where are the studies on which races or which social class or which religion make the best parents? I’m not anti-science and the study probably had the intent of showing that children of lesbians fair no worse, but that are society needs these studies and that we are dissecting marginalized group’s right to parent is just sad.

  • MandyV

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