Bud Light: There is a Fine Line Between Stalking and Romance?

Really, Bud Light? I was think it is more like a brick wall, but OK.

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  • Gesyckah

    Argh, I hate those commercials despite the funny costumes. When I first heard that line I thought about “Romantic Obsession” as described in Quirkyalone. Romantic obsession is totally different from the literal definition of stalking: hunting and ambushing. Somehow the two often become interchangeable when people talk about dating and romantic partners. Somehow…and disturbingly.

  • kb

    I don’t know about fine, but I’d say it’s pretty simple-her consent and desire is the line.

  • Xeginy

    Argh! I fucking HATE this commercial. I see it all the time on Hulu, where I watch all my TV. I “dislike” it every time it’s on, but I think I’ve been forced into a “guy” demographic because I consistently “like” car, cell phone and movie trailer commercials, and I “dislike” food and shampoo commercials.
    Also, I think there something to be said for the fact that Bud Light is the guy and Golden Wheat is the girl in this scenario. Guys can be Romantically Obsessive, and it’s all John Cusack-romantic. But girls being Romantically Obsessive are just plain Obsessive and also Crazy.

  • Marc

    How is this sexist and in support of stalking again? If anything, the line “there’s a fine line between romance and stalking – and he walked it – like a pro,” is saying that while stalking isn’t okay, romance is … and it actually makes people think about the difference between the two.
    I am all for speaking out against sexual assaults and stalking, and bringing up issues that too many women have experienced in their romantic lives – but, in the course of doing so, let’s not lose sight of actual victims of stalking and sexual assaults.
    If we make everything out to be an offense for stalking and sexual assaults, we run the risk of not being taken seriously. Such is the case here.

  • MishaKitty

    I hate that commercial for sure but I’m really waiting for Feministing to tackle those horribly sexist commercials for Miller Lite. You know the ones where the guy goes to order a light beer and says he doesn’t care about taste so then the bartender says something about him either wearing a skirt, purse, etc. and when he wants to act like a man to come back for a Miller Lite. Blech!
    I’ve been meaning to make a community post but have not had the time. They need to be addressed though. Reeking of sexism!

  • pedestrian
  • Liz

    Already done! http://www.feministing.com/archives/021115.html
    I think it was on a busy posting day, you must’ve just missed it in the shuffle.

  • Patti.

    There is a post about it already – http://www.feministing.com/archives/021115.html

  • MishaKitty

    Ahh, I was out of town the week this was covered on here. That’s how I missed it. Thanks pedestrian!