Rue McClanahan Dies at 76.

The Best of Blanche.
The very amazing Rue McClanahan died this morning at 76 years young. Her character Blanche Deveraux on the Golden Girls was groundbreaking and forced the TV watching public to deal with a very sexually confident older woman who was rocking out with the post-menopausal hook-ups. She was the original Samantha Jones, but better. You will be missed Rue, I hope you are in a place with an unlimited supply of shoulder padded fashion and sexy 50-something gentlemen.

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  • Ronijn

    I gasped when I read this since I just saw Betty White on Ellen the other day and she said Rue was doing great. I can’t believe we’re only down to one Golden Girl. I miss Estelle, Bea and now Rue – they showed that women could be funny, and that it isn’t just something for the young. And that sex lives do continue on for ‘old folks’ as well. Now I will go watch my box sets for a bit.

  • Toongrrl

    Nooooooo!!!!! Another one? Why? We already lost Estelle, Bea, and now Rue. Thank God Betty White is still with us on this earth.

  • ShareseL

    my FAVORITE Blanche quote is “we help each other we console each other… then we talk about sex!”