Promoting men’s health…through sexism

Via Copyranter, we find this commercial from the Prostate Cancer Foundation meant to encourage men to get prostate exams. It features former NFL player Rosey Grier and retired MLB pitcher Vida Blue, sitting around knitting acting all “womanly.” Which, naturally, is hilarious.
While I do believe that men are taught to talk about their personal health and well-being much less than women are, this ad doesn’t do men or women any favors. You can encourage men to talk about their health without mocking women.
Transcript after the jump.

Man 1: How did that prostrate exam go today?
Man 2: Very well, thank you for asking. (Looking to Man 3) Hey aren’t you due for one pretty soon?
Man 3: I guess.
Man 4: Whoa there, big guy.
Man 3: I’ll get around to it sooner or later.
Man 1: Sooner or later? 1 in 6 are diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Man 3: Alright! I’ll do it.
Man 4: That’s all we wanted to hear.
Man 5: Dessert is served.

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