What Would You Do If You Saw A Woman Being Battered?

*Trigger Warning*
This is actually really stressful to watch, even thought i know it is a dramatic interpretation but it is amazing to see how people react to abusive situations. ABC’s new show “What Would You Do?” set up a series of couples acting out being in a abusive relationship. The way strangers react is totally heart wrenching.

Until you see they change one variable-the women’s clothing. In the second set of scenarios no one comes to aid the women.

I am befuddled. As mentioned on Jezebel, this is not exactly the most scientific experiment, but it is really interesting that no one came to the aid of the women when they were dressed “provocatively.” The underlying belief is that if women are perceived as sex workers, read “slutty,” they were in some way asking for it. This assumption transcends race, since apparently in the first take less people were willing to step in with the black couple as opposed to white, but some people finally did. In the second video no one helps either woman.
These videos are really upsetting to watch, subject to multiple variables and staged. But I appreciate the overall sentiment and maybe that is what viewers need to think about dominant perceptions of domestic violence and the rightful time and place to intervene.

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