What We Missed.

We celebrated Malcolm X’s birthday this week and I just love this picture via CNN.
M. Leblanc and marriage and name-changing.
Study shows aggressive behavior in men is rewarded.
A really good post at Racialicious about environmentalism and whiteness. I want to write a much longer post about this at some point.
Shani-O and a whole bunch of other cool people on the wonder that is Janelle Monae.

Anderson Cooper found that both white and black children biased toward lighter skin
. Pam Spaulding wrote an amazing post about it. Must read.

Check out folks from the flatlands of Oakland, CA talking about how getting involved in their neighborhoods is shaping their lives
. Check out Oakland Rising for more information.

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  • Comrade Kevin

    King and Malcolm X had an antagonistic relationship for a long time. Malcolm X was contemptuous of King at first, believing that he was a pawn of the white establishment and little more than a feel-good orator.
    It’s interesting to note how Malcolm’s attitude towards King changed quite considerably by the end of his life. One of X’s last speeches was full of typically fiery denunciations, but with them was a protective desire to keep King safe against those who threatened his life. George Lincoln Rockwell was the leader of the American Nazi Party, and X recounted how he told Rockwell that if his followers harmed King in any way, he would turn his supporters loose on Rockwell and his entire organization.
    Even right before his assassination, Malcolm still disagreed strongly with King’s whole philosophy, but still saw him as a kind of reluctant ally, no longer an adversary.

  • IAmGopherrr

    on the link: aggressiveness in men….
    This doesnt make sense
    “And heavy eyebrows, deep voices, and facial hair may have evolved to scare rivals, while big jaws developed to take a punch”
    How does facial hair scare off someone and big jaws dont take punches theyre actually more susceptible to knock-outs. Doesnt anyone watch MMA?
    “The further down the jaw you strike the bigger the brain shake and the larger the probability of unconsciousness; if unconsciousness does occur, the longer the spell of unconsciousness.”

  • Mikaela

    And I believe they met only once, for about a minute. Just long enough for that picture to be taken?

  • Comrade Kevin

    That is correct. :)

  • JJ

    This is a huge pet peeve of mine: should we really be giving journalists credit for an experimenter’s work? Don’t get me wrong–I love Anderson Cooper–but he didn’t “find” those results, the psychologist did. The researcher’s name needs to be up there.

  • JJ

    Ha, gotta love evo psych……or not (I am a social psych grad student, and I do -not-).
    I think an evolutionary psychologist would make the argument that facial hair adds structure to the face which makes it appear larger and, thus, more “scary” (kind of in the same way that an animal which raises its hair in a fight can scare off rivals by making it appear larger than it actually is). I could be wrong, though, as I’m just BSing….though I’m convinved that 80% of evo psych is, indeed, publicized findings with BS speculations.

  • kandela

    Unborn child death laws to be reviewed after crash: The New South Wales Government is reviewing the laws dealing with the death of unborn children following a complaint from a woman who lost her baby after being hit by a car.

  • smiley

    “…women wanted to have sex with fightin’ men so that their kids would also be awesome fighters.”
    A likelier explanation is that the stronger male got the female, by beating off the weaker male, and thus spread his genes around more.
    I agree with you JJ: I find it annoying that people go looking for complicated explanations when simpler ones will do just fine.