HuffPo editor tweets about “whorish” Miss USA

Just, ew. New York editor of The Huffington Post, David Weiner, clearly thinks pretty highly of women who participate in beauty pageants.
Tweet from David Weiner reading 'I love how people are surprised that women who like to appear on stage and be judged on their looks have whorish pasts #missusa.'
Weiner is (presumably) referring to the latest pageant “scandal” – that newly-crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih had the audacity to take part in a pole-dancing contest a couple of years ago. Big. Fucking. Deal.
This is the same kind of sexist shit that went down with Miss USA Tara Conner, Miss Nevada Katie Rees and Miss California Carrie Prejean. The standard is clear: It’s only okay for women to be sexualized when it’s the pageant that’s doing it. If women dare to be sexual or conform to what society tells them “hot” women do, then they’re whores.
Via Broadsheet.

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