HuffPo editor tweets about “whorish” Miss USA

Just, ew. New York editor of The Huffington Post, David Weiner, clearly thinks pretty highly of women who participate in beauty pageants.
Tweet from David Weiner reading 'I love how people are surprised that women who like to appear on stage and be judged on their looks have whorish pasts #missusa.'
Weiner is (presumably) referring to the latest pageant “scandal” – that newly-crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih had the audacity to take part in a pole-dancing contest a couple of years ago. Big. Fucking. Deal.
This is the same kind of sexist shit that went down with Miss USA Tara Conner, Miss Nevada Katie Rees and Miss California Carrie Prejean. The standard is clear: It’s only okay for women to be sexualized when it’s the pageant that’s doing it. If women dare to be sexual or conform to what society tells them “hot” women do, then they’re whores.
Via Broadsheet.

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  • paperispatient

    Wow. Had he put that much differently, he’d have had a valid point. It seems hypocritical to be shocked and scandalized when we discover that some women who compete in beauty pageants, which involve demonstrating a talent and wearing bathing suits and evening gowns, have done similar performance- and appearance-related things in the past.
    Someone on Jezebel really nailed it, their comment was something along the lines of, “How terrible for her to have danced around and been ‘sexy,’ that’s totally different than a beauty pageant. Wait…”

  • DeafBrownTrash

    Haha. I don’t get it, either. the Miss USA contest was created after the Miss America contest rejected a bikini company’s request to promote their bikini swimsuits on beauty pageant contestants!!!
    every year, 50 women are paraded out onstage to pose in scantily clad bikinis and are judged for their bodies, yet no one in the media (except us feminists, of course) bats an eyelash. Then they scream when anyone of these women participated in a pole dancing or bikini or wet T-shirt contest in the past, OUT OF THEIR OWN WILL.
    the mainstream media cracks me up with their sexist double standards. So it’s OK for women to be objectified by a large corporation (Miss USA, Playboy, etc) but it’s not OK for a woman to flaunt her own body by her own will and control.

  • Comrade Kevin

    Once upon a time, these contests at least gave the facade of being “respectable”, and now that veil has fallen by the wayside. It’s all about money now, but maybe it always was.

  • Lilith Luffles

    And the icing on the cake is that the pole dancing contest was in a room filled specifically with fully clothed women who were learning it as a work-out routine. They weren’t doing it for men, they weren’t taking clothes off, they were just having a good ol’ time with their fellow females. This contest she entered was way less “whorish” than any beauty pageant.
    And this post makes it seem like the huffpo tweet said it’s ok to be in a pageant but not a pole-dancing contest, but really he was mocking the people who think that. He failed when he said “whorish.”

  • Roving Thundercloud

    Of course now I can’t find it, but it wasn’t actually a contest. It was a women-only class in pole dancing and she claims she was participating in it to help a friend.
    Whatever. If you look at the photograph that’s been making the rounds, there’s a crowd of women around the stage and she’s wearing a top and shorts. Big whoop.

  • mrbobafett

    Did I miss the part where David Weiner said it was ok the way they were sexualized in the pageant? I think he was cutting into the Miss USA competition.


    Comments like his are both disgusting and horrifying. I keep thinking we’ll get past the hypocrisy but who knows when that will happen..

  • Femanon

    I can’t help but think of the bikini part of the competition. We’re talking about women willing to prance around on a stage in front of hundreds of people, thousands if you count the people watching on TV. That’s pretty sexual, doncha think? It’s the guys’ favorite part for a reason, after all. Do you honestly expect women that comfortable with their bodies to not do anything else sexual in public? It just seems a little ridiculous to sexualize women and still expect them to be clean-cut purity princesses.