Genderfork: Beauty in Ambiguity

A six photo series of a person varying their gender presentation, from very femme to very masculine

Trying New Things via Genderfork

Genderfork is one of my new favorite online discoveries. It’s a collection of photos, quotes, videos and other snippets from folks talking about gender and ambiguity. Their about us reads:

Genderfork is a supportive community for the expression of identities across the gender spectrum. Our primary space,, is a blog that offers images, thoughts, identities, and conversations from gender variant people and their extended communities.

The photo series above is one of many cool things submitted by users to the site every day. I love scrolling through the feed, getting glimpses of gender-bending folks. More about how the site works is here, but it’s been going for three years now and has an amazing archive of photos, quotes and videos.

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  • Suffering Sappho

    I instantly bookmarked this. My favorite quote: “What are you talking about? I’m not trans. I’m just a gender ninja.” Loooove this!

  • Caley

    I love how the default icon is a fork. I’ve had so much trouble explaining to people why default male icons are problematic.

  • viviopsis

    oh my god.
    This is me.
    In the picture.
    I literally can’t stop shaking. I’ve been reading feministing forever and I can’t believe that this is here. Oh my god.
    I love genderfork and submitted my picture on a whim and I seriously CANNOT BELIEVE that this is here!
    I don’t know if anyone would be interested, but I have a blog – – and when I register this I will stop hyperventilating and hopefully post something constructive and thoughtful about the absolute honor that comes with seeing your face on feministing. Wow.

  • Anna

    awwww thanks viviopsis!!! so glad to hear youre a community member of feministing! cant wait to read/see more from you!

  • Jessica

    How cool that you’re a reader here! Small feminist world I guess. :)