Abstinence-only pusher Rep. Mark Souder caught in affair with staffer

This is just too perfect. After years of pushing abstinence-only education in the name of family values and the “sanctity” of marriage, Indiana congressman Mark Souder (R) has announced his resignation after an affair with his staffer, Tracy Jackson, has come to light.
What’s truly amazing about this is that Souder and Jackson actually recorded a video together on the values of abstinence-only programs. Via TPM:

Because sex outside of marriage is bad! So, so naughty…
Souder’s resignation is great news for sex advocates in Indiana, but what’s almost as ironic as the lovers’ video is that we have Fox News to thank for breaking the story. Who woulda thunk.
We’re in the process of looking for a transcript, stay tuned.

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  • Heina
  • Lance

    Well, at least he was married when he was having sex!

  • MLEmac28

    But was his girlfriend? Isn’t a lot of the abstinence only argument that you shouldn’t “ruin” someone elses future wife?

  • Comrade Kevin

    It’s just irony at a base level. I love it.

  • Tracey T

    I think the message tends to skew towards don’t “ruin” yourself if you’re a woman. Plus, obviously the gf falls on the “public property/whore” side of the dichotomy. Probably tricked him into, natural consequence of allowing women to work with men obviously, or at all really (unless they are WOC and/or poor).
    “dun,dun,dun, another one bites the dust.” How much ancetodotal evidence do we need before (un)officially declaraning that:
    – When the lady doth protest to much, the lady doth protest to much (major homophobes who are actually in the closet/sleep w/people of the same sex, “family values” pushers having affairs,etc). I mean, is it safe to say that 78% of the time policy makers/influencers are that involved with someone else’s sex life, as far as policy goes, there may be a bit of hypocrisy in how they conduct themselves.
    – that some conservatives are hell bent on becoming utter mockeries of themselves. I mean, the commercials out of AL (I still love my home state and am offended that a gubernatorial canidate would promote “english only” knowing darn well the way we speak is….uhm…unique), the TX textbooks, rentboys. Are they going to make it impossible to mock or produce satire of them, and when we give up get serious again?
    -Not to mention the supposed “unbiased and scientific” reason for using gov’t money for abstinence-only education is that sex within marriage is safe b/c of monogamy. Are any of them going to address the fact that monogamy isn’t guaranteed as by evidence by their own behavior? Oh, right before they address that some people can’t get married/can’t have their marriages recognized legally and after they admit condonms aren’t full of holes.
    Grrrrrrr…….. aside from the assumed betrayal of trust (I’m guessing they didn’t have an open marriage/polyamrous arrangement that they won’t admit to as he will bounce back from an affair), I should be making snarky comments about this at his expense. Instead I’m really, really angry. *sigh*. I wish this was pre-2008 when this breed of conservatives made me laugh instead of cry.

  • Lance

    Good point. I think he should do the responsible thing and take her to a purity ball for her second virginity.

  • smiley

    We don’t want the transcript. We want the sex tape!

  • Brenna

    Man, I JUST turned in my research paper about abstinence-only education vs. comprehensive sex education. I could have used this!

  • Kim C.

    Uh, I’d be careful about that wish, if I were you…

  • vtfem

    I bet they were playing footsie under the table during this “interview”.