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A must read from Rebecca Traister on the social construction of happiness.
Single mother’s need pathways out of poverty from the Grio.
Digby on Elena Kagan.
Seriously, why IS 30 Rock obsessed with Lori Gottleib?

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  • DeafBrownTrash

    there is a disgusting Facebook even called PUNCH A SLUT IN THE HEAD WEEK. Everyone needs to report this.
    here is a COUNTER even that protests the offensive event. Please tell everyone to join the event below:

  • DeafBrownTrash

    by the way, this is the dickbag who created “PUNCH A SLUT IN THE HEAD WEEK,” let him know how you feel:
    let’s get the word out that violence against girls and women are NOT okay! he needs to be PUNISHED for creating such a popular event. Disgusting.

  • Comrade Kevin

    I think happiness, in many ways, is dependent on those who seek to name the zeitgeist. And that depends completely on those with the power to set the tone and be lifted up as some authority. Whether that is real or imaginary at first doesn’t matter, because if enough people believe it, then it becomes real. Our brains are that malleable and the human mind is that suggestible.
    That’s the truly scary thing.

  • DeafBrownTrash

    the “Punch a Slut Week” has now been removed, which is great news. But unfortunately, there still exist many more offensive, misogynistic (along with racist and homophobic) groups on Facebook that calls for violence against females.

  • jlw

    I agree. I would have liked the article much better if it had discussed the problems with the way society controls what happiness is and then given us a better way to understand happiness (as something closer to fulfillment or satisfaction that does not mean being complacent). It’s true that we have to keep in mind that some people are not able at any given time to be happy, and we should not make them feel like they are failures because of it. Maybe the article could have, after giving a more useful conception of happiness, discussed how we could do things to make it possible for more people to be happy in that way rather than making them feel inferior because they are not able to be happy. Also, I really disagree with the idea of viewing unhappiness as a motivator for change. At least in my own experience, I find that having a real since of saitisfaction in life is much more of a productive motivation for me to seek to make the world better for myself and others. On the other hand, the humiliation and fear that she celebrates are, to me, paralyzing. Satisfaction and fulfillment don’t have to blind us to the injustice that is out there.