What We Missed.

An interview with the executive director of Hollaback!
National Journal asks, “Do ‘Family Values’ Weaken Families?”
On women taxi drivers in Senegal.
A conservative senator in Canada told women’s groups to “shut the f–k up” about their concerns over the government’s maternal health initiative.
Finally…. it’s Friday! Let’s watch this adorable little girl do a flying basketball dunk between her legs:

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  • Unequivocal

    That might be one of the most awesome, sweetest videos I’ve ever seen.

  • Toongrrl

    That bit about “family values” doesn’t suprise me one bit. On unrelated news, did you guys know that “Daria” is coming to DVD this week?

  • allegra

    So this Canadian senator, a woman senator, *sponsored* a meeting for international women’s rights groups, and then told them to shut the fuck up? Really, how does the world get so many assholes in government?

  • Hrovitnir

    I don’t usually comment on here much, partially as Moveable Type is such a pain and partially because I’m too lazy to follow up my comments but maaaan, how has no one commented on how cute that child is?? lol
    I have to admit that I am all filled with glee seeing men playing sports with their daughter (I presume she’s one of their daughter’s), even if that’s not as gender-neutral a stance as I’d prefer to take. :P
    Re: the Tory politician, I started off angry but ended up just depressed. She’s not wrong.

  • Elizabeth L

    The senator had mentioned possible ramifications for women’s groups protesting, and they came through.

  • LalaReina

    Mom is going to kill them when she sees her flying thru the air but it’s a great video. Me and my dad at the Garden or a Yankee game are some of my favorite memories.