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A Feministing congratulations

Tweet I wanted to take a second to properly congratulate (properly as in, on Feministing) my dear sister and fellow co-founder and editor Jessica on some very exciting news: She’s having a baby! This not only is a ridiculously happy time for me because I’ll get to be an auntie, but really exciting for all [...]
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The Heroine Meme

TweetMy friend Debbie Siegel started a meme (as she says, so 2008) about modern day heroines. In short, she asked us bloggers to ask ourselves: Who are the women in your life who exemplify the traits of a modern heroine, and why? So here’s just a few of my answers to get you rolling, either [...]
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The Feministing Rom Com Review: The Back-up Plan

TweetThe Back-up Plan, starring Jennifer Lopez and some dude with killer blue eyes who you’ve never heard of, is about Zoe, a woman in her mid-thirties – I’m assuming, because her age is never specified – who, finding herself without a significant other and determined not to miss her chance to have a baby, decides [...]
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Thank You Thursdays: The National Network of Abortion Funds

Tweet Strike the Patriarchy 4-EVA Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) for putting together an amazing Bowl-a-thon for Abortion Access this Monday in NYC. There were tons of incredible teams bowling for reproductive rights and justice and our team, Strike the Patriarchy!, had an awesome time. [...]
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Unmarried black women: “We’re here, we’re fierce, get used to it.”

TweetA guest post from Dani McClain, a writer living in Oakland. She is on the campaigns team at Aside from a few online clips, I didn’t watch last week’s ABC Nightline special titled “Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?” But I’ve been following enough of the recent media frenzy around straight, [...]
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