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6 out of 10 migrant women raped in Mexico

TweetIf that headline doesn’t convince you why immigration is a feminist issue, I honestly don’t know what will. Amnesty International reports that six out of 10 women and girls experience sexual violence as they cross through Mexico hoping to come to the United States. Rape is so common, in fact, that some smugglers allegedly demand [...]
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UN: Stop rape now

TweetTrigger warning Transcript after the jump The UN has created a campaign to raise awareness of, and take action against, sexual violence against women – specifically as it relates to conflict. Learn more at StopRapeNow – and send the link along to your friends! via the f word Tweet
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In [Partial] Defense of the Hipster Generation

Tweet All this talk about youth in the pro-choice movement and the legacy of baby boomer activists, including civil rights leaders, has got me thinking about what my own generation’s legacy will be. And, surprisingly, scarily, tellingly, I’ve come up with this one word, a word that inspires fear, disgust, and admiration simultaneously; a ubiquitous [...]
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What We Missed

TweetFlorida Democrats are shutting down the House in an attempt to temporarily block an abortion bill similar to Oklahoma’s most recent legislation that would require women seeking abortion to undergo ultrasounds. Rumor has it that Dan Choi, one of the leading LGBT activists in the movement to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, is going to [...]
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Immigration is most definitely a feminist issue

TweetFeministing and others have been covering the news this past week of Arizona officially putting racism on the books. If you haven’t heard, new legislation was passed that allows racial profiling of what authorities consider “illegal immigrants” (aka brown folks). It is not a good time for immigrants and their families right now. (Seems like [...]
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