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Of course there’s an anti-choice iPhone app.
Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa says that Arizona’s racist, horrifying immigration law would be good for the state and that he’d advocate for such a bill should he become governor.
The Census says that women are just as likely as men to have gone college and to hold an advanced degree.
Arizona keeps it coming. The state’s Department of Education has recently began telling school districts that teachers with heavy accents can’t teach English and the state legislature passed a bill yesterday banning ethnic studies programs.
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  • in-this-skin12

    All I have to say is that our last president’s outstanding grammar wouldn’t have made the cut.

  • Rahula

    On the bright side, the elementary school district in Oak Park, Ill., (my hometown) today celebrated the Ethnic Festival for something like the 30th year.

  • IAmGopherrr

    “Among adults 25 and older, 29 percent of women in the U.S. have at least a bachelor’s degree, compared with 30 percent of men, according to 2009 census figures released Tuesday.”
    Then why is everyone saying women outnumber men in education? I knew that was blown out of proportion! A NY Times article written in 2008 says that its only because they counted community colleges not universities.

  • http://www.larp64.com Protection software

    I just want to add that women ARE equal to men indeed, and that must be shown in laws as well as on the streets.

  • pokemontaco.wordpress.com

    Well, they have a point that students who are trying to learn English should be around native speakers, but this attempt is utterly ridiculous and extremely problematic.

  • Jamie

    So, AZ doesn’t want to teach/promote resentment towards anyone but you can’t have an accent and you’re suspect of being an illegal if you are of color. Sounds like a winner. Just when I thought my state of NE was the dumbest in the union…

  • WIDave

    “…you’re suspect of being an illegal if you are of color.”
    On the contrary, section 2 of the Arizona law forbids law enforcement from using race before inquiring about immigration status.

  • amy_sarah

    So, what identifiers are the immigration officers using when they ask for someone’s papers?
    There are laws against racial profiling but to say it doesn’t happen is just absurd.

  • pokemontaco.wordpress.com

    Well, this is something I’ve thought about too. But if there is such a large amount of legal Hispanic residents, I don’t understand why anyone would think racial profiling would be all that effective in the first place. Most of the immigrants in my area are European, and the citizens white, so why would it make sense to check all white looking people in the first place?
    It would be more effective to just ask for papers from anyone pulled over that speaks with a foreign accent, doesn’t have a drivers’ license, etc.