6 out of 10 migrant women raped in Mexico

If that headline doesn’t convince you why immigration is a feminist issue, I honestly don’t know what will.
Amnesty International reports that six out of 10 women and girls experience sexual violence as they cross through Mexico hoping to come to the United States. Rape is so common, in fact, that some smugglers allegedly demand women get contraceptive injections before the trip so they do not become pregnant after being assaulted.
The report says that “many women migrants are deterred from reporting sexual violence by the pressures to continue their journey and the lack of access to an effective complaints procedure.”
Amnesty International’s full report, Mexico: Invisible victims. Migrants on the move in Mexico [pdf - English] [pdf -Spanish].
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Via UN Dispatch.

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  • IAmGopherrr

    I remember reading about this on feministing a year ago. The journalist who camped by the border thought he heard coyoted yelping and his guide informed him that it was actually screams of women being raped. This is one of the reasons I’m for border controls. Its sad how these people who live in poverty risk life, limb and their personal safety to come here to work our shitty jobs and be abused by their employers. It is also a opening for sex slavery, mafia violence and unregistered gun trafficking. I worked briefly with a guy who worked at El Centro (rights for undocumented workers) and the stories the immigrants told me were atrocious! They told me about being beaten by their employers, and women being assaulted with no rights to get justice. I just think its sick that the racist right wing types have dominated this conversation for so long sthat whenever someone says theyre for closing the border they think youre a racist. What I also dont think is often being exposed is how our American corporations go over there and make matters worse and people that didnt want to come over here are forced to. Often their little shanty homes (which had to be makeshift homes because they were forced from their homelands) are ruined for new parking lots, ect. Its a very complex problem and it deserves to have a strong liberal voice in it or else you get ignorant laws like they have in Arizona sponsored by an out and proud racist. I live in Colorado and this is often an issues that is unfortunetly dominated by racists and xenophobes.

  • Sangha

    This is one of the reasons I’m for border controls.
    Border controls ARE the reason this happens. Stricter border control than what we have now means higher prices for the immigrants and more possibilities that they will be abused in the process. As it is now, it’s still possible to get here without paying a gang to help you. Make it harder, and the gangs will be the only choice for immigrants.
    And saying ‘racists’ and ‘xenophobes’ over and over doesn’t stop you from being one. And no, I didn’t just call you one of those terms, but your post definitely comes across as a “I’m not racist, BUT…” type of posts.
    A safe and legal way to immigrate here for all will stop the rapes and murders.