The Heroine Meme

My friend Debbie Siegel started a meme (as she says, so 2008) about modern day heroines. In short, she asked us bloggers to ask ourselves:

Who are the women in your life who exemplify the traits of a modern heroine, and why?

So here’s just a few of my answers to get you rolling, either in comments or on your own blogs (links please!). Thanks for the inspiration D:
Elizabeth Lesser, because she has found a way of truly being herself in public–a unique mix of being spiritual without being airy, introverted without being standoffish, and funny without trying too hard.
My mom, because she has created communities everywhere she goes.
Maya Dusenbery, because her writing cuts through the chaos like a sharpened knife.
Rachel Simmons, because she’s as funny as she is insightful.
Brenda Bethman because she is no bullshit and oh-so-effective.
Adrienne Marie Brown, because she has carved out such a powerfully unique, effective, and pleasureful space for herself in the world.
Deborah Siegel, because she is so resilient, innovative, and abundant in her approach to just about everything on earth.
Amada Sandoval, because she is radical where it counts.
Elaine Tyler May, because she looks back so expertly while pushing her energy always into the future.
I could go on forever, but I won’t. Yours?

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  • Comrade Kevin

    I have lots of influential women in my life, but so many of them are very private. I hope you don’t mind that I put down two influences instead that I don’t know personally, but who are nonetheless heroines.

  • bumblebecky

    For me, it’s Elvira Mistress of the dark. I love her. She’s not afraid to go WAYYY there. It’s remarkable.
    Gala Darling ( for always inspiring young women.
    Will Phillips! (can I count him as a bad-ass woman??) The little kid who won’t say the pledge.
    All the drag queens in my life. They are so brilliant, and I honestly would not trust any one else with make-up tips. Haha.
    Finally, Violet Blue for putting sex positive pro-porn information for everyone to know.
    =D This was fun. Thanks!

  • jacqueline.allain

    Dolores Huerta