Quick hit: Obama reaches out to young women, people of color for midterm election

And election season has begun again! Anyone else have PTSD from the ’08 cycle?

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  • feminismforever

    well, maybe he should have actually been working for us since he’s been in office….

  • Lamour

    Yikes. I really hate to be one of those nitpickers, but generally I would try to avoid using PTSD flippantly.
    And it’s hard to imagine the political atmosphere getting more toxic than it already is, so i’m not looking forward to this at all.

  • kissmymango

    Actually, he’s just gearing up the White Boy Beatdown Brigade to rush in and remind all us ungrateful non-white males just how lucky we are that the dem are on our side. You know, cuz the repubs are WORSE!!!!!!!!11!1!!!!
    with allies like this, who needs enemies.
    Why would I waste one more vote on the dems?

  • hellotwin

    It’s nice that Obama finally acknowledged that it was women and people of color who put him in office and that the Dems continue to need support from the same people. However, as the other commenters said, things haven’t exactly been peachy keen since he took office, both in terms of the toxic atmosphere in Congress and what’s been done thus far.

  • Jane

    in this atmosphere, where everything he does is more evidence that HE’S AN EVIL AFRICAN COMMIE SPY, i think he’s doing the best he can. i sure wouldn’t want his job.

  • syndella

    Oh, I called that.

  • nautilus

    Did the election give me PTSD? No. It didn’t. For me at least, the election was no where near my sexual assault which gave me dysphoric issues and assorted problems. Thanks for asking.
    Seriously? Come on. I have a day of flashbacks, I come home to some Feministing and see PTSD being used flippantly on a website which just featured an article on a survivor and recently had one defending trigger warnings. I like Feministing, but this is just disappointing.