Anti-Feminist Mailbag: I love (some) women edition

I just love it when we get hate mail that is couched under the guise of just giving us some thoughtful advice.

Why is it that you feminists have no sense of humour?
It is quite amusing for me to read your blog, because I always -ironically- find serious or angry people quite amusing.
Especially if someone (in your case often a man) has made an ironic or sarcastic remark, and you then take it seriously.
My suggestion -if you want to be taken serious- is not to be so strident.
kind regards from a man (who loves most women)

Especially from a man who loves most women. That obviously means he’s a good person, even if he doesn’t love us.
And if you’re going to insult us, can’t you come up with something more original than you feminists are too darn serious? Like we haven’t heard that one before.

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