Action against Arizona anti-immigrant legislation continues

activists gathered at dupont circle for vigil to protest AZ legislation, group gathered with candles
Photo via RI4A
I attended this vigil on Saturday night in DC to protest the Arizona anti-immigrant legislation and stand in solidarity with the people of Arizona. It was a beautiful event and I was blown away by the amazing folks gathered. Particularly inspirational were the number of young folks who shared their stories of being undocumented themselves after coming from Latin America with their parents as really young kids. Despite the fact that these young people were raised here, their opportunities are severely limited by their immigration status.
They spoke of the importance of the DREAM Act, which would give kids who were brought here before the age of 16 a path to citizenship.
Rallies, protests and vigils are being held around the country to mobilize against the legislation.
This coming Saturday is also May Day, which in recent years has been a day of activism around immigration reform. Check out Reform Immigration for America for a list of actions you can get involved in.

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