Weekly Feminist Reader

Rope Piece,” 1983-1984, in which Linda Montano and Tehching Hsieh were tied together via a rope for a year.
What if the tea-partiers were black?
A young lesbian was attacked in Kentucky — and despite some strong evidence to the contrary, police are dismissing it as a “prank.”
Gender, dance, and Janelle Monae’s new video.
Why hasn’t Nazia Quazi’s story gotten the attention it should?
The state of Minnesota can refuse welfare benefits to women who have had miscarriages?! Oh hell no.
A US Air Marshal is accused of raping a woman at gunpoint.
The Obama administration is strengthening Title IX!
Assessing the state of women in new media.
Dana Goldstein profiles two women running for a New York House seat against each other.
Abortion promises to be an issue in the next Supreme Court confirmation battle. In other news, the sky is blue.
A closer look at how Ciara displays her sexuality.
What will it take for professional sports governing bodies to care about domestic violence and sexual assault perpetrated by players?
A trans man at UCLA California State University, Long Beach was the victim of a horrible transphobic attack.
On sex selection in adoption.
There’s a new report on murdered and missing aboriginal women and girls in Canada.
What have you been reading/writing this week?

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