Arizona is Going to Enforce Racial Profiling. Why? Because “Illegals” Intentionally Cause Accidents

It is bad enough that McCain is running around blathering about closing the borders and how Arizona is going to take matters into their own hands (eye roll) by passing one of the most racist pieces of law in existence today, that essentially allows racial profiling, but justifying the law with blatant racism is potentially a new low. According to McCain, “illegals,” are intentionally causing traffic accidents, uh, not to mention cause property damage, theft and other types of crime, well, you know, all while tending to your garden. Watch below.

Transcript at Huffington post. You have to love how he essentially says that he is sorry if there is any racial profiling to come out of this law, but that it is basically worth it to “protect” people.
McCain’s attitude to me reeks of the small minded racism that came out of the last election and reminds me of something Alice Walker said when I went to see her speak last week (i know I am so lucky, she was amazing). She mentioned that she really loved Obama, but she often felt frustrated with the way that he was negotiating with some Republicans, not because it was bad politics, but because he isn’t old enough to have seen how stubborn whites that were against desegregation and black advancement used to act in Congress. She said that the behavior of many Republicans in Congress was the same attitude that they had many years ago when they didn’t want blacks to have equal access and that they were acting like “spoiled children.” To which naturally, we all applauded.
That quote stuck with me and resonates as I watch how McCain is essentially justifying a racist policy with racism. I am so glad he is not president, e-gods.
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