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Three bisexual softball players are suing the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance for deeming the players weren’t “gay enough” and stripped the team of their second place title in the Gay World Series.
Lane Bryant is accusing Fox News and ABC of refusing to air its lingerie commercial because of too much cleavage on their plus-size model.
Melissa Harris-Lacewell takes on ABC’s Nightline’s story from yesterday on the apparent “crisis” of professional black women who can’t find a husband.
More on boobies: Remember the Iranian cleric who recently said women who dress “immodestly” are to blame for earthquakes? Well it looks like a woman is testing his theory by making a call on Facebook for everyone to show cleavage on April 26th for a “Boobquake.” It has over 40,000 attendees.

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  • IAmGopherrr

    Ha! I LOVE the “boobquack” woman! Poking fun at their nutty “leader!” Its sad that the mainstream Iranians are cuckolded by such an archaic theocratic system that Iran isnt really run by the views of most Iranians. Sort of reminds me a bit of Bush. Maybe we can do the same thing when one of our so-called religious leaders says similar things?

  • nextdestination

    The boobquake thing is interesting, but it misses the point. This cleric is not just a twit (he is), but he’s participating in a government campaign to disperse a sizable chunk of the population of Tehran to other cities using the fear of earthquakes (Tehran sits on several fault lines.) If these people move it weakens opposition. Crazy or crazy like a fox? Whenever an Iranian cleric opens his mouth, I think the latter.
    If you really wanted to make the world a better place, it would be to support a freer political process in Iran.

  • Comrade Kevin

    This is what needs to change about body image. A woman seems as though she can never win. If she offends anyone’s sensibilities, for whatever reason, she is criticized harshly for it.
    Nevermind that these criticisms almost exclusively reflect the issues of those launching the barbs.

  • Lance

    It’s going to be really awkward if there actually is a big earthquake on April 26th.

  • cattrack2

    The more I read/see Melissa Harris-Lacewell the more out in left field she appears. She spends the 1st third of her article refuting the fact that there’s any sort of crisis, the 2nd third trying to rebut the long-proved-true Moynihan Report, and the final 3rd mocking people who lack her Ivy League credentials. Well despite the fact that they may not have her edumacation, I think they represent the views of the greater black community fairly well: Many professional black women continue to value traditional marriage.
    Along with Chris Rock, I find Steve Harvey to be one of the most incisive black social commentators of his generation. He’s a black & bald Jon Stewart. I’ve followed him for nearly 20yrs and in all that time its rare when he doesn’t offer pragmatic & perceptive insight about the black community. I wish Keith Olbermann would invite Harvey on his show half as much as he invites Harris-Lacewell. My problem with Harris-Lacewell is that despite the fact that she’s ostensibly a professor pushing facts, she generally appears to be an activist pushing ideology.

  • alawyer

    That’s a plus-sized model? Seriously? I mean, I know that “normal” models are thinner than the vast majority of women ever could or should be, but seeing a thin woman labeled “plus-sized” really drives the point home.

  • VT Idealist

    I say we test the Boobquake Hypothesis as a proper scientific experiment. We can put the question of immodestly dressed women causing seismic activity to the test.
    Unfortunately, Sedighi was a little short on information in exactly what was considered an immodesty induced quake, for example, how long of a lead time is needed for a boobquake or whether or not the epicenter would be centered in the vicinity of the cleavage. Like the flapping of a butterflies wings causing a hurricane on the other side of the world, could scantily clad American woman be responsible for last weekend’s earthquake in China? To control for this cleavage effect, I propose collecting global seismic activity for a month between experimental groups.
    I suggest 3 data groups, a control group and 2 experimental groups. First, the control. That should be fairly easy; just dress normally. This will give us our starting baseline.
    Now we’re ready for our experimental groups. Let’s take the modestly dressed group first. In order to provide proper skin coverage, I’m thinking proper Victorian dress with long sleeves, high collared shirts and about 1o petty coats. On second thought, perhaps we should all just wear loose fitting sweat suits, to kill any sexiness or fetish factor.
    Next up is the real test, immodestly dressed ladies. Everyone break out your club wear. Short skirts and boob shirts for everyone. Maybe some pvc catsuits for variety. Groups such as FEMA and the Red Cross should be notified and standing by during this part of the experiment, in order to provide emergency response to areas hit by the quakes.
    And just to cover all of our bases, we should throw in some experimental groups to test the guys, too. After all, all these earthquakes might actually be the result of Taylor Lautner’s exposed pectorals.

  • Toongrrl

    Boobquake!!!!!!! Let’s all
    join in! Everybody with tits (be they fase or real or big or medium or small) show em!

  • tophersez

    Hey – if you’re participating in Boobquake in or around Washington, DC, there are two events you should know about. One is a BBC Persia news event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120202591324591
    And the other is a little happy hour I’m organizing (please join us!): http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116052401755690

  • Melimalle

    It’s sad to see bi-phobia in the gay community.