Fun with Feminist Flickr (feminism on signs edition)

Woman holding sign reading: 'To me feminism means being me - and allowed to be me which is awesome'

It’s been a while since I’ve dug around Flickr for random fun feminist stuff, so I was incredibly happy to come across this awesome project from Caseface123 – who asked people to write down what they thought about feminism (and pose!). (Shockingly, they’re not all as bad-ass as this woman’s.)

If you had to fit your feminism on a sign, what would it say?

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  • Comrade Kevin

    To be a Feminist means that I am more of a man, not less of one.

  • that girl

    “With Liberty and Justice for ALL”

  • Tia

    The freedom to not be valued by my biology, but by my mind, heart, and actions.

  • Kate

    This just made my day! Even though some of the signs are negative, I just thought this was such a cool project. Of course, the positive ones made me happy, and the negative ones just show why feminism IS still necessary.
    I guess mine would say, “Respect, freedom, equality, appreciation”.

  • PamelaVee

    I think the signs were overall positive. Even the “ridiculous” one because it seems like he doesn’t see the *need* anymore for feminism, not that he is against feminist (although he doesn’t know it) values.
    Neat project and I hope the issue was discussed.

  • Toongrrl

    Feminism means I can make up my own damn mind and that everything about me is important. That everybody has something to give to the world and that I am a HUMAN BEING.

  • Opie Curious

    As with a lot of socially conscious straight white cis dudes from pretty comfortable backgrounds, the hardest part of feminism for me has never been recognizing the “should” of equality. It’s recognizing what inequality actually looks and sounds like. And as a smart, opinionated, politically active person, it took me a long time to realize that the best thing I could do to understand privilege and oppression better was just to shut the hell up sometimes. In my desire to educate, I sometimes forget to learn. (That shit is hard!)
    So I guess my sign would say “Feminism is listening.”
    And, while I’m on it, thanks to everyone who writes/comments here for giving me smart people to listen to.

  • Alicia

    “I do not steal the air I breathe.”

  • Anonymous

    Feminism: we still need you

  • dcardona

    Creates a world of humans, not men vs. women.

  • NikaiLuvsU

    “Feminism means that government trusts my decisions with my own body, mind, and future.”

  • ScienceAndTheCity

    Mine would say “The freedom to choose for myself.”

  • Vexing

    For me, feminism means acknowledging what I had, discovering what I have lost and fighting to get it back.


    The pictures speak itself.

  • Liv

    “Knowing where I came from, honoring the fight of those who came before me, and attempting to carry it on to the next era, leaving the one I am in better for my presence.”
    Damn, I’m wordy.

  • Marji

    Feminism means making my own choices, chasing my dreams, and being who I want without fear of being ridiculed, shunned, or scolded.

  • ssalcedo

    Feminism means I never have to fight all by my lonesome. Fighting for equality in every sense, that is.

  • Not Guilty

    Wow. I want to meet that woman…
    Feminism means not having to apologize for the stereotypes I buck. For being able to speak my mind and not be a bitch; for being childfree and not be selfish.
    That’s about as eloquent as I can get during exams…

  • electrically

    Giving everybody the opportunity to be judged for who they are, rather than how they were born.

  • Dena

    Feminism is about making my own decisions without constraints and having my intersecting identities as a queer, young woman of color represented and acknowledged wholly. It’s also about knowing my past, present and future, and fighting on behalf of all women, children, and men the world over.