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Out magazine finds only nine gay women powerful.

Laura Eldridge reminds ladies of the “dark side of birth control.”

Check out the Love Your Body poster winners for 2010.

The trigger warning conversation continues.

Jack Kimball, a Republican candidate for governor in New Hampshire, compared paying taxes to getting raped at a recent tea party event. Smart campaign move, a-hole.

According to a new study, women who change their surname are seen as more dependent, less intelligent and less ambitious. No word on how men who pressure women to change their surname are perceived. Of course.

Civil rights leader, Benjamin L. Hooks, Dies at 85

In breaking news on why the world hasn’t totally gone to shit: padded bikinis for kids have been recalled.

Thomas Macaulay Millar blasts the usual sexist “because it’s just natural” argument to smithereens…
with an 80s music soundtrack no less.

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