Boohoo, Sigourney: “Jim didn’t have Breasts…”

This is based on old news, to be sure, but today’s female chauvinist pig award goes to (drum roll): Sigourney Weaver!

In an interview with a Brazilian news website, Weaver said the Academy’s choice of best director was motivated by the fact that a woman had never won the prize.

“Jim didn’t have breasts, and I think that was the reason,” Weaver told Folha Online. “He should have taken home that Oscar,” she said.

“Today it’s fashionable to give the Oscar to a small movie that nobody saw,” Weaver said.

Le sigh.

I can’t even begin to discuss my reaction to this…..


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  • Yeltsine

    While I disagree (Hurt Locker>>>Avatar), she did star in Avatar.

  • syndella

    She’s 100% right about giving the Oscar to a small movies no one sees. When was the last time a popular movie got an Oscar?

  • Sandra

    Yeah. Jim doesn’t have breasts but his blue, non-mammalian aliens did – because, you know, the womenz have to have breasts in the movies, even if their species doesn’t actually breast-feed.
    Maybe Cameron didn’t win the Academy Award because his film was truly awful with a boring, hackneyed plot?

  • Guillermo

    I really like Sigourney Weaver… but this is like a slap to the ear for me. We all say STUPID things sometimes. I think maybe if given a little more time to think it over she might take back what she said. I saw the hurt locker and thought it ruled pigeons and very much deserved the Oscar.

  • lemur

    No…… Cameron didn’t win because 1. Hurt Locker was really good. and 2. Avatar was sci-fi. The Academy of Motion pictures and their voters HATE sci-fi. They absolutely despise it. and 3. If any sci-fi film deserved to win, it was District 9.