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What if women ran Wall Street?

Critiquing The Entryway, a project in which two journalists move in with a Latino family.

A female contestant on an Arabic game show is using the platform to speak out against hard-line Islam. (Some of the language and framing in this article is problematic.)

On the horrific treatment of disabled immigration detainees.

Where are the women sources on NPR?

Erykah Badu, black women, and “being comfortable in your own skin.”

On happiness
and queer politics

The New York Times‘ (and many other media outlets’) coverage of a woman killed in an act of domestic violence falls into some sadly familiar patterns — misgendering, trans-misogyny, unnecessarily lurid details.

Why contemporary, intersectional feminism isn’t necessarily anti-racist.

An open letter to school systems that apply corporal punishment to girls for dressing “too sexy.”

After pressure from a Facebook campaign, Lilith Fair dropped crisis-pregnancy centers from its list of charity beneficiaries. (It dropped one NARAL affiliate as well…)

How part-time “work from home” scams target mothers pushed out of the traditional workforce.

A court confirms transgender inmates have the right to medical care.

On the parallels between slut-shaming and fat-shaming.

I used to have this conscious thought when I was younger and going to all these dinners and parties that one day I’ll just be able to stay at home and write and read and do what I want to do. It was a real conscious thought that when my looks leave, I can do other things. Isn’t that funny?”

Michelle Obama Watch launched a tv show!

On women finding career mentorship from men.

Leave Sandra Bullock alone!

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