Quick Hit: Lilith Fair drops CPCs and NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina from charity contest

As an update to Jos’ post earlier this week about Lilith Fair including three crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) as potential grant recipients in their charity contest, we find that all three CPCs were dropped from the list. NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, however, was dropped as well:

This morning, four days after releasing a list of local charities–including several crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and maternity homes–as potential recipients of grant money from the Lilith music festival tour, organizers today dropped the CPCs from the Lilith Tour Choose Your Charity Contest. Also dropped, however, was NARAL Pro Choice North Carolina in Raleigh, NC. However the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, GA, which provides women’s health services including but not limited to abortion remains on the list.

Read more at RH Reality Check.

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  • katemoore

    We don’t know why the Raleigh place was dropped yet, so I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. And getting rid of the CPCs within a day? You NEVER see that quick of a response. Kudos.

  • Grace

    Didn’t Lilith Fair nationally partner with NARAL or something the first time around (or at least have people from NARAL or PP who tabled at every show, because I remember seeing them there)? I really don’t understand why Lilith is seemingly less pro-choice over ten years later

  • nonsequiteuse

    Lilith Fair has been through this before, sort of. Back in 1997, one of the venues tried to bar Planned Parenthood from the site. The arists said they’d never play there again if that was the case:
    But sounds like Lilith is under new management, and of course, this is the festival itself creating the issue, not a venue. Still, I wonder if any of the artists have or will speak up.