National LGBT Health Awareness Week

This week is the National LGBT Health Awareness week, sponsored by the National Coalition for LGBT Health.

This year the theme of LGBT Health Awareness Week is Closing the Gap. The LGBT community has, on average, worse health outcomes and less access to the care we need than the straight community. We cannot afford to ignore the gap anymore. We need to educate ourselves and our health care providers about our unique health needs as well as our health risks. We need to commit to closing the gap, because everyone deserves good health!
To help accomplish this, we have provided many resources. You can learn more about specific health issues relevant to the LGBT community, download and print out fact sheets, find events to attend and see ideas of simple ways individuals and organizations can get involved.

More information on how to get involved and download materials here.

Join the Conversation

  • Barbara

    I am so glad to hear about this. Last month I was surprised to find that in 2010, even after warning my doctor’s office (which it’s really repulsive that I feel I should have to “warn” anyone) that I am a lesbian seeking gynecological care that makes sense for me- my gynecologist didn’t believe me that I only sleep with women, treated me like a medical anomaly because of it, and told me that she didn’t know any information about dental dams (which is silly because straight people have oral sex too), wouldn’t help me find more information, and when I pressed for something, anything, she told me, and I quote, to “google it.”
    A surprising amount of doctor’s offices do not care enough to make themselves knowledgeable about an entire section of the population, and instead continues to cheat us when it comes to comprehensive health care, and make us feel like anomalies and freaks. I hope that this campaign makes some progress.

  • Marcia

    My campus “Students for Choice” group did a presentation on the intersections between the reproductive rights movement and LGBT liberation. At the end of the meeting we ended up revising our mission statement and constitution, changing words like “reproductive rights” to “sexual health rights”. We are now more involved with the LGBT campus community on making sure we include such an important and large part of sexual health into our daily Students for Choice activities. We didn’t realize how alienating we had been.
    I was so happy to see this! I reposted it to our facebook page!